Newcastle upon Tyne, England, GBR
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Soznak the ultimate festival stage band also performs in the street. Dance to Ncumba, smoky honey vocals, sparkling highlife guitars, and booting northern brass. Soznak have taken their massive sound to main stages in Sibiu Bucharest and Waterford Ireland


Soznak was formed in 2006 by Paul Miskin band leader/songwriter and composer. Soznak perform music in many languages and forms.

Soznak is named after a mode which brightens your day. In that sense it is very true to the spirit of the group, whose sound is a life-affirming synthesis There are strong elements of soukous and Afro-Cuban strands but other musical ingredients surface through the mix, derived from Spain, Latin America, Angola, Congo, Kwa Zulu┬ľNatal, Cameroon, Iran, Iraq, and Ireland.

What makes the band unique is the combination of Berizo Lutonda and Dems Ndume sweet african voices and sparkling highlife guitars with northern brass from paul Miskin trumpet Flugel Graham Robinson tenor sax Steve Mounter trombone and a cross cultural rhythm section featuring Chris Dobson on bass and Yannick Tshitshi on kit
plus a new member Hank Hayes on highlife and funky banjo
and vocals. The band regularly busks on the streets of newcastle where it creates instant party

One of these tracks `Breath` was initially selected to be one of ten tracks offered to film makers. It was then chosen by two out of the six qualifying short film makers to be the complete sound track of their one minute films. That is how it won first and second prize in that competition


Soznak `DEAR DAD TANGO` released by Home Made Records Bar code 634479813160 UK release 25th may 2009 filed under African /Cuban /Fusion. Initial distribution Harmonia Mundi. check out the album - i tunes or cdbaby

Set List

current set list

Home made
1. La Paix (words Dems Ndume)
2. Ma Julie (words Berizo Lutonda)
3. Trouble(words Paul Miskin)
4. Africa (words Dems Ndume)
5. Tata ye mama (words Berizo Lutonda)
6. Tyne Tigris
7. Weekily (words Berizo Lutonda)
8. Ten bands (words Paul Miskin)
9. Mingoids (words Paul Miskin)
10. The Bb happy blues (words Paul Miskin)
11. The boogie lindy hop (words Paul Miskin)
12. Mardi gras (words Paul Miskin)
13. bailar
14. Desire the song (words Paul Miskin)
15. Peter and the hot cats
Original arrangements of standards
16. Scaravan
17. Ghost town AKA specials
18. Free Nelson Mandela AKA specials
19. Senor blues horace silver
20. Watermelon man herbie hancock
21. Mamas gotta brand new pigbag Pigbag
22. Los Chuco Suaves trad
23. Cuarto de tula buena vista social
24. tequila
25. Stormy weather
26. Summertime
27. I just cant get enough
28. red red wine Neil Diamond
29. Soul finger
30. The Jungle beat rico
31. Township