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Newcastle upon Tyne, England, United Kingdom | SELF

Newcastle upon Tyne, England, United Kingdom | SELF
Band World Adult Contemporary


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This band has not uploaded any videos



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"Soznak, where Tyneside meets the Tigris, new release"

Submitted by Jill Turner on 14 May, 2009 – 20:48.

albumcoverNews in from Home Made Records: Soznak are giving London a run for its money in the global multicultural music scene with their release Dear Dad Tango on their own Home Made Rekords label. The name may Sound Eastern European but SOZNAK is actually named after a Middle-Eastern mode which brightens and elevate, the sound of a piece of music. Read on…

In that sense it is very true to the spirit of the group, whose sound is a life-affirming synthesis of the collective musical heritage of its various band constituents. There are strong elements of soukous and Afro-Cuban strands but other musical ingredients surface through the mix, derived from Spain, Latin America, Angola, Congo. Kwa Zulu—Natal, Cameroon, Iran, Iraq, and Ireland.
How did such a richly contrasting sound develop outside of London? Well, Newcastle upon Tyne benefits from a varied Influx or culturally talented po]itical refugees and Soznak Is an exciting product or that Increasing ethnic diversity In the North-East of England; creating a unique and joyful sound. The rich blend of styles in the music connects the breadth of cultural interplay among the band members who have made their homes in Newcastle.

During regular al fresco street gigs Soznak has had the city dancing to many world beats. Regular street performances to an average cross section of the population have created a tight ensemble and an extensive shared musical vocabulary that can please audiences as complex demographically as the bond.

With the debut album Dear Dad Tango (Home Made Rekords), Soznak captures brilliantIy the energy and style of its stage shows and earlier musical apprenticeship. With the national release for the album, SOZNAK is about to export its irresistible sound to the rest or the UK. - Gondwana Sound Dear Dad Tango review

"—Con Murphy Tuesday 14 July 2009"

With members drawn from the refugee and other migrant communities from Angola, Cameroon, Congo, Iran and Iraq – as well as the UK, Spain and Ireland — Soznak (who take their name from a Middle-Eastern musical mode) honed their craft during al fresco street gigs in the north-eastern city. And despite a seemingly uncontrollably large array of local musicians, this is a taut and highly accomplished set of songs.

After a loose, upbeat horn-driven opener, it’s Angolan Beriso Lutonda who really kicks things off with ‘Weekily’, a humorous tale of new-to-the-UK payment woes backed by an irrepressible soukous-meets-highlife meeting of sparkling guitar and punchy horns, with vibrant gospel backing from the wonderfully-named Black Voices choir from Birmingham.

That track is is followed by ‘Sugar Stick’, a part-Afrobeat, part-Zimbabwean jazzy almost-instrumental, and so it goes on through Congolese rumba, Cubanismo, North African and middle-eastern flavours, flamenco, and of course Argentine tango (the closer and title track is a madcap and melancholy take on that melodramatic genre).

Those funky horns are the main constant here, along with always-engaging vocalists, but apart from that pretty much anything goes, with the manifold influences pouring out of every tune. Put this lot in the same bag of multi-rooted uniqueness as the 3 Mustafas 3, Abdul Tee Jay’s Rokoto, jazz-funk era Blockheads, Strummer and Mescaleros, 17 Hippies and Think of One. They sound like all of these and none of them — fresh, funky, hugely entertaining and totally, uniquely, wonderfully themselves. - Con Murphy Tuesday 14 July 2009

"Roots Magazine – 15/4/09"

Ian Anderson Editor: fRoots Magazine wrote: At 00:39 +0100 15/4/09,

What a truly wonderful little gem this Soznak album is! I’ve been sat here with a broad grin on my face: every time I think I’ve figured out what they do, they do something else. There’s some ghost of Mustapha in it somewhere, how they drift effortlessly between Congo, Morocco, Spain, Newcastle and all points, and maybe there’s a scattering of Think Of One dust on it too
- Roots Magazine – 15/4/09

"Jazz North"

clients and reviews
• With a substantial leaning towards world music, particularly Afro-Cuban styles, you’ve got any enjoyable musical experience that might have problems getting past the jazz police, but makes for a foot-tapping <p>Saturday night. Paul Bream Jazz North
ref Green Festival Will 01912724635 07792073801
• SOZNAK were really good fun, great play list. People old and <p>young were dancing to the music. Loved the version of Stormy <p>Weather, All musicians incredibly talented and solos section were always impressive. I was very pleased <p><p>
Helen Moore (01670 542267) Blyth Valley Borough Council Cultural development officer <p>re open air performance of Soznak Blyth in a new light festival 5th Nov 2006<p>
• I would like to thank you and the band for a memorable evening <p>of entertainment. I received many positive comments about my choice <p>of band. Your percussive entrance was nothing short of sensational I will <p>be happy to recommend Sosnak as the perfect band for a ball or party.<p>
Matthew Goode President, Civil Engineering and Geosciences Society (CegSoc)<p> University of Newcastle upon Tyne 07986933878<p>

• I just wanted to say a HUGE HUGE thank you to you and all of the <p>guys for the prom last night. You were really amazing! I couldnt believe <p>how many people you managed to get dancing before the night had <p>even really began... People were dancing sober!<p>
David Gardner <p>
- Paul Bream


Soznak `DEAR DAD TANGO` released by Home Made Records Bar code 634479813160 UK release 25th may 2009 filed under African /Cuban /Fusion. Initial distribution Harmonia Mundi. check out the album - i tunes or cdbaby



Soznak was formed in 2006 by Paul Miskin band leader/songwriter and composer. Soznak perform music in many languages and forms.

Soznak is named after a mode which brightens your day. In that sense it is very true to the spirit of the group, whose sound is a life-affirming synthesis There are strong elements of soukous and Afro-Cuban strands but other musical ingredients surface through the mix, derived from Spain, Latin America, Angola, Congo, Kwa Zulu–Natal, Cameroon, Iran, Iraq, and Ireland.

What makes the band unique is the combination of Berizo Lutonda and Dems Ndume sweet african voices and sparkling highlife guitars with northern brass from paul Miskin trumpet Flugel Graham Robinson tenor sax Steve Mounter trombone and a cross cultural rhythm section featuring Chris Dobson on bass and Yannick Tshitshi on kit
plus a new member Hank Hayes on highlife and funky banjo
and vocals. The band regularly busks on the streets of newcastle where it creates instant party

One of these tracks `Breath` was initially selected to be one of ten tracks offered to film makers. It was then chosen by two out of the six qualifying short film makers to be the complete sound track of their one minute films. That is how it won first and second prize in that competition