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An original North East/ Afro- Latin- Middle Eastern UK fusion presenting an irresistible and upbeat journey through the worlds dance music


The Band is named Soznak, after a middle-eastern musical term. The musical ingredients of the band also derive from Spain, Latin America, Angola Congo, Kwa Zulu ┬ľnatal, Cameroon, Iran, Iraq, and Ireland. Newcastle upon Tyne In the north of the UK benefits from a diverse influx of culturally talented political refugees. The rich blend of styles in the music reflects the breadth of cultural interplay among the band members who have made homes in Newcastle. During regular al fresco street gigs Soznak gets the city dancing to many world beats Regular street performance to an average cross section of the population has created a tight ensemble and an extensive shared musical vocabulary that can please a wide variety of audiences of all ages and nationalities

Kendle Festival
Durham Brass Festival
Chester le street festival
Blythe Festival
The Newcastle green festival
Stockton international Riverside Festival


`Dear Dad Tango` Home made records
digitally available Itunes cdbaby or myspace
Physical distribution release date may 2009 distribution Harmonia Mundi

Set List

1. Cook in the kitchen Soznak
2. Pigbag Mamas gotta brand new pigbag
3. Watermelon man Herbie Hancock
4. Bingo Bango
5. Cuarto de tula
6. Bailar Soznak
7. Tequila Chuck Rio
8. Peanuts
9. Fondula Soznak
10. Chuco Soznak
11. Maysita Soznak
12. Desire Soznak
13. Madrugada Soznak
14. Traffic jambo Soznak
15. The flow Soznak
16. Dads Tango Soznak
17. Stormy weather Soznak
18. The Jungle beat Rico
19. One step beyond
20. Free Nelson Mandela AKA special
21. Summer time George Gershwin
22. Harlem nocturne
23. Middle eastern
24. Tyne tigris Soznak
25. Desert rat Soznak
Afro beat
26. Tata ye mama
27. Sugar stick Soznak
28. Town ship afro swing traditional
29. Weekily Soznak
30. Ma july Soznak
31. La paix Soznak
32. Africa Soznak
33. Laissez Tombe afro swing traditional
34. C Jam Blues Duke Ellington
35. All blue Miles Davis
36. Mood Indigo Duke Ellington
37. Night in Tunisia Frank Paperelli and Dizzie Gillespie
38. St James Inf