SP3 is a unique blend of funk, soul, jazz and electronic music, specializing in beat culture music and improvisation. West Michigan's own, SP3 is led by world-renowned rhythmist, clinician, and teacher, Scott Pellegrom. SP3 also includes Michigan's music scene heavies, keyboardist/vocalist Ryan K Wilson (Southpaw Players/5iveit) as well as guitarist/vocalist Kevin Kozel. This well-versed trio has been in the studio writing/recording 2 EP's. One album is set to be instrumental and the other lyric


Scott Pellegrom
Welcome to the next generation of drumming—new tones, new swells, new punches, new grooves. People have been buzzing for years about Scott Pellegrom but he really hit the news when he placed in the finals of the 2006 Guitar Center Drum Off. That led to coveted spots at NAMM, Musikmesse, PASIC, and in major drum magazines.

Drummers both appreciate and marvel at the way Scott's cool grooves make use of sounds, airy and earthy, that others haven't explored. Part of the fascination is his playful use of cymbals, wherein he causes them to wash and exclaim as part of the musical flow, which he punctuates with bold, penetrating drum tones. For Scott, the entire drum kit, not just the heads, is fair game to strike, coaxing sounds out of every inch of the kit. He massages the kit, making everyone in the audience want more. Beyond the kit, Scott is a body drummer, using his cheeks and chest, and does a ridiculously fast hand clap that only he can make look cool. Rhythm is everywhere and Scott will find it, master it, and share it for your aural pleasure.

Scott has absorbed decades-old drum traditions: he plays with bare hands, sticks, and various striking implements and traverses the entire drum head for sweet spots, sometimes depressing his elbows against batters to get notes just right. And he adds a weight to his groove when he plays unison snare and bass drum figures. Often he's not so much in sync: he's fluttering across the surfaces of drums and cymbals as if fleeing from his backbeat. He’s all surprises.
About Scott Pellegrom
Endearingly called “Scotty P” by his fans, Scott does more than traverse the drum kit. An avid outdoorsman, Scott can be found on a riverbank fishing or in the woods searching for morel mushroom hotspots. Outdoors gives Scott another type of drum kit to explore rhythms. Scott is a rhythmist- always finding natural rhythms in the world around him, tuning in to the earth and his surroundings. Releasing the inner chatter that can rattle in one’s head allows Scott to hone in on the gentle sway of the branches, the leaves playfully tapping each other, the water gliding over the smooth river stones. Scott absorbs the natural rhythms from his surroundings into his soul, and beams it into his playing with every beat. International travel is always tugging at Scott’s heart, and has had many glimpses of the wide world of drumming. He plans to continue exploring rhythm in every corner of the world.

Ryan K. Wilson is a multi-instrumentalist and singer from Grand Rapids, Michigan. He started playing piano at age 6, then began branching out to other instruments such as saxophone, guitar, bass guitar, baritone, French horn, and trumpet. He grew up singing in church and school choirs, and eventually found himself in the local band scene when he was in high school with the regionally successful band Mission Orange. His smooth vocals and soulful music style were influenced by artists such as Ray Charles, Stevie Wonder, The Beatles, and Radiohead. He has played all types of venues from large to small, from Michigan to Chicago, Pittsburgh, and New York. After being introduced to drummer Scott Pellegrom by mutual friends, he formed the group the Southpaw Players in 2005. He has shared the stage with acts such as The Digable Planets, Guster, and The Gym Class Heroes. Along with giving private piano lessons, he is currently working on scoring an independent film, and recording his first solo album.

Kevin Kozel is a young musician of great influence. At only twenty-two years old, Kevin is fluent on guitar, bass, ukulele, banjo, and mandolin. He has been playing for over 10 years and has been gigging with bands since he was fourteen years old. Kevin spent three years on the road with Death By Dancing, a Electronic/Dance band that gained attention locally, abroad, and has shared the stage with such bands as Mutemath, Seether, Mindless Self Inulgence, and Gym Class Heroes. Kevin currently works as an instructor/clinician, and is a member of the band SP3. www.kevinkozel.com

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