Space Agency

Space Agency


Funk/Rock/Electronic, Space Agency is not your average band. Taking improvisation to a new level by combining traditional elements with live samples to create a fresh new sound.


Space Agency is George Miller (guitar/vocals), Adam Groom (bass/vocals) and Shawn Drogan (acoustic and electronic drums/samples). The band has been around for a short time and has already become one of the top draws in their hometown. Hard work and many long nights have gained them a growing fanbase around the region and throughout the Northeast. Based in Rochester, NY and traveling
to wherever the music takes them, this group
is destined to reach the ears of music fans everywhere.

Influenced by all styles of music, Space Agency uses elements of Rock/Funk/Electronica to bring listeners on a journey through sound and time. They create music that bridges the past, present, and future while performing in the moment. The result is a sonic adventure of ambient textures and futuristic soundscapes grounded by solid
grooves and unique vocals. Sounds of laser beams and movie scenes transport the listener to distant planets. The band achieves "lift off" through intense, meaningful improvisation and has been known to invite guest musicians to the stage to add instruments such as sitar and theremin for a completely different experience. Space Agency's self-titled debut CD was released in October and
has received great reviews so far as the band continues to tour in support.

"..Space Agency's songwriting is creative and unique...guitarist George Miller's innovative vision is obvious and he demonstrates some interesting licks balanced by drummer, Shawn Drogan and bassist, Adam Groom's skilled rhythm section."

- Lara Purvis,

"...a beautiful musical brainwashing."

- Michelle Picardo, Freetime Magazine

"..the groove gets under your skin and heads straight for your backbone."

- Frank DeBlase, City Newspaper

Air Play
89.7 WITR Rochester
90.5 WBER Rochester
90.1 WGMC Rochester
98.9 WBZA Rochester

Podsafe Network

Set List

2-3 sets of original music ranging from Funk to Rock to Drum 'n' Bass with selected covers.