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"Out of This World"

Five men dressed as astronauts are onstage playing instruments and chanting Sir Mix-A-Lot’s “Baby Got Back” to a crowd of energetic fans.

This is the typical scene at a concert of old-school cover band Spaceband, where they play for three hours at a time, chugging Red Bull and shots of Jaegermeister between sets.

“I don’t know many bands that cover Michael Jackson then turn around and sing Justin Timberlake,” said Brian Tines, owner of the Fairhaven Pub and Martini Bar. “The next thing you know they’re playing Purple Rain. Anything they do, they do really well.”

The band has upcoming shows this weekend at 10 p.m. April 25-26 at The Fairhaven.

Bassist Aeden Hunter said the band covers mainly ‘90s dance music and current popular songs such as Justin Timberlake’s “Sexy Back” and Flo Rida’s “Low.”

“The best thing about watching Spaceband is the way they engage the crowd. From Otis Redding to today’s R&B to rock and roll, they play it all. Sometimes they even wear space suits,” Western alumna Erin Dewey said.

Hunter said the band usually wears space suits when they perform because of their name, Spaceband, but that none of the band members can remember why it was chosen.

The band, comprised of Hunter, lead vocalist Brian Hillman, drummer Todd Templeton, lead guitarist Baron Kim and guitarist Charlie Elmore, began playing together at The Fairhaven four years ago.

Although the band members come from varying musical backgrounds, they have learned to synthesize their different musical skills, Hunter said.

“Our band’s musicianship has been one of the most satisfying things about this experience,” Hunter said. “When you are working with a bunch of talented musicians, egos often get in the way, but with us it’s been smooth sailing.”

Hunter said one of the best parts about performing concerts is the vantage point from being onstage.

“It’s so awesome to look out into the crowd and see exactly what is going on,” Hunter said. “From that creepy guy who is moving from one group of girls to the next, to people looking at each other and realizing they recognize the song you’re about to play, it’s always an amazing view.”

Dewey said she started going to The Fairhaven three years ago and has seen the band play there several times.

“All of them come across as the boy next door,” Dewey said. “They’re great to dance to with your girls, your date or even a stranger who dances past you on the dance floor.”

Kim said Spaceband plays at The Fairhaven because they have the best sound system of any venue in Bellingham.
Tines said Spaceband usually draws a crowd of between 200 and 300 people. He said their capability to play any type of music defines them as a musical group.

“I have been booking bands for a long time, and they are one of my very favorites,” Tines said. “They are totally different than any other cover band. So many of them try and there are so few that really nail it, but Spaceband definitely does. They’ve done a great job creating themselves.”

Hunter said Spaceband has opened for nationally touring artists such as 2 Live Crew in Oak Harbor.

Hunter said this May will be one of the busiest touring months the band has experienced.

“We will be playing almost every weekend, sometimes even three times,” Hunter said. “It’s exhausting but fun, and it takes a fair amount of Red Bull.”

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Todd Templeton on drums and Aeden Hunter on bass provide the solid, funky foundation on which a temple of soul is built with Brian Hillman’s powerful vocals leading the way. Charlie Elmore’s rhythm guitar permeates with warm splendor and Baron Kim’s funky riffs and face-melting solos grab hold of you in a way you can’t shake. Every gig is a party with the seats emptied and the dance floor packed.

SpaceBand has consistently played well-attended shows throughout the Pacific Northwest since 2002. Although they usually provide an entire night of music, SpaceBand has opened for numerous national touring acts.