Space Bee

Space Bee


Rock n' Roll and experimental psychodelia melted in the chaotic and misty city of Lima (Peru). Space Bee's music is a stirred mixture of madness, anger and strong melodies soulful and catchy songs


After a brief tour performing in the most respected bars and pubs in London and being semifinalist at the Glastonbury Competition in 2007; being elected by "La Zona De Combate" MTV as one the four most important bands in Latin America in the same year and playing in cities like Buenos Aires, Mexico DF, Cuzco, Lima, etc., Space Bee is ready to hit the mainstream of the music industry. Their first album "Live In Space!" was recorded in a haunted house. The forthcoming release "It's Alive!" will be a collection of two albums about old horror movie monsters.


Blue Moon

Written By: Gonzalo García-Sayán

She said to me beware of the moon,
you must hide when she shines full
And then she licked my neck as if a wound
Our love is so tasty.

She speaks of dreams in the middle of the night,
Howls of pain, waves of fright, and then she thinks she change of shape and mind,
But I don't understand that
Whenever I ask her to walk by moonlight, she answers not now I'm too sleepy tonight.

White moon
Bad moon
tears are everything you shine for
cold moon
silver moon
Won't you let me sleep?
sky moon
sea moon
Are you living in a dark age?
mad moon, queen of the wind
You live and then you die on me.

But once I saw her staring at the moon,
smiling hard as she could smile
and then i saw her change of shape and mind
she said: "love you're so tasty"
And I said I don't think we should date anymore
It's because I'm not into werewolves at all

Snow moon
Sad moon
Fear is everything you shine for
Mad moon
Widow of the Sun
see me run away...
I feel down.
Blue moon, this is what you shine for
Blue moon, widow of the sun
see me run away
I feel down...

Be Mine

Written By: Aldo Rodriguez

Dodging the cops
busting their balls
crashing somebody’s car
trouble’s on
He’s taking control
made that shit roll
wanna go for a ride
feeling you hold me tight...

I’m on a ride, I’m feeling right, disguised by clouds, rain down on the shyness, make it bloom.

Dodging the cops,
busting their balls,
crashing somebody’s car,
trouble’s on,
Ten pints, you’re done,
he’ll drive you home,
let your book open wide,
I wanna read tonight.

I’m on a ride, I’m feeling right, disguised by clouds, rain down on the shyness, make it bloom.


Space Bee (EP, Independent 2003)
36 Hours To London (EP, Independent 2004)
Live In Space! (Independent 2006)

Set List

Years Old
Yeah Yeah
Blue Moon
Be Mine
Sin Mirar
Biker Sniper
The Acrobat

Bohemian Rapsody
Paranoid Android
I am the Walrus
Ziggy Stardust
Immigrant Song