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This band has not uploaded any videos
This band has not uploaded any videos



"SPACEBOYZ auf Platz 14. der Deutschen Black Music Charts"

KW 23 PLATZ 14. Deutsche Blaack Music Charts - viva





Its 2012 – The Year of the SpaceBoyz!
…Young, talented and fresh outta space…
...they are destined to take over the world, mess up any musical limits and break the rules.
Born as dancers in Hamburg, Germany and grown up with
music without borders, they now combine their skillz and will touch the sky.
Before the spaceship took off they got to know each other in
the age of 6 years in School. They soon became friends and began to share their interests like music and dance.
While others at their age were into soccer or other common sports,
Jokah & Myloo concentrated on inventing new moves or talked about
dancers and idols like Michael Jackson or Will Smith (“Prince of Bel Air”).
Over the years they improved their skillz and knowledge about music and took part in many dancing
battles nationwide. Soon, they had their own dancing crews and
organized workshops for younger dancers and talents.
It’s a movement!
It’s about using the own talent, gaining and passing on experience.
Always on the run, feeling the music in their veins
and sharing their passion for music they have set up an own huge community of dancers and creative
young people. It’s about supporting each other and celebrating music in every possible way.
In cooperation with DJ S.T.A.T.I.C. and VIBEKINGz Production the recording studio in Hamburg, Germany
became their second home, producing tracks non-stop.
It’s not just Hip Hop and it’s not just Pop or Dance, it’s music without rules or genre limits.
If you try to define a SpaceBoy tune, you don’t feel it.
Try these words: Passion, Fun, Dance, Dreams and Music fresh outta space.
Get at us, Support us & The Spaceboyz Movement! We Goin Hard We Goin in!

We aint Fly...We R out Of Space