Space Cadetz

Space Cadetz

BandHip HopPop

A spaced out, futuristic duo who blends hiphop with a variety of genres such as Pop, R&B, Soul, Funk, Jazz, Doo Wop, Trance, House and Electronica. Always pushing the boundaries of music, this group is sure to captivate the minds of listeners and leave a lasting impression.


The beautiful thing about Space Cadetz is that it was created in the same way that they put together songs; spontaneously. In 2008 the Miami duo, made up of Acey Ace and Specta, started experimenting with music and came upon the Auto-tune tool. In an effort to create a single for Specta, Acey Ace made the beat that was the foundation for the Space Cadetz sound. Together, with their combined musical talent, they crafted music that is both catchy and thought provoking. One thing is certain; Space Cadetz music is sure to get the party started!

Set List

Put It On You (Tonight)
In A Daydream
It's Okay
Life Of The Party