Space Call

Space Call

 Paris, Île-de-France, FRA

Space Call is a band of metal which reconciles with this style. Very accessible, this music pleases to everybody!


You will find audio extracts on the official site (
Space Call is a story which began 10 years ago, with Cliff (singer) and Marc (guitarist) already avid to make a rock/metal-indus band influenced by Marylin Manson, Rob Zombie, Rammstein...
Cochise (bassist) and Mike (drummer) (first drummer on the
world to be endorsed by Ming Drum,
joined the group afterward.
During these 10 years of existence, musicians were shaken
between concerts, festivals, radios and recordings, they all had a beautiful current events. Cliff and Mike assured concerts for Steeve Estatof (winner of the french « American Idol ») to the bass and drum. Steeve had moreover invited the band to insure its first parts in Bataclan of Paris and in Transbordeur of Lyon.
The band was awarded for its work by receiving an award for its 50 000 downloads of the album Superstar.
For this second opus, the Synchrotron of Grenoble ( makes a commitment to support the band quite as artists such as Julien Dutel (actor in a popular serial), Claire L (singer in a popular band), John Zera and Steeve Estatof (of the french « American Idol »), Jean-Pierre Goy (stuntman for Batman Dark Knight, Wolfman, James Bond, Matrix)...
Today, four members of Space Call centre on the recording
of «Synchrotron», their new album (Edition: Perfect Poison,
Production: le Poisson).
Determinedly more rock, this album proves one more time that Space Call has its place on the French national scene, and even international, because propositions were made for them in Germany, United States and French DOM TOM.
Space Call SuperStar is published by Perfect Poison / management and production le Poisson to


2001 From Outer Space
2009 Space Call SuperStar
2011 Synchrotron