Space Car Driver

Space Car Driver


Space Car Driver is an extremely creative group of musicians that can react to eachother's actions during live performances which feeds our jams energy and tightness. Our songs have areas for improvazation and often we jam out of a song into the next.


Space Car Driver is the joining of four intergalactic travelers that happened to be on the same planet at the same time. Mike Molianen (innovative guitarist/songwriter), formerly of "Breaker Breaker", was joined by friends Nick Jensen (hypnotic analog synth guru/songwriter) and Adam Lutz (powerhouse bass mother/songwriter) to form the band Moon Boots. Shortly after conception, the band linked up with their old friend, Greg Sicher (destructive beat machine) to help push the band's sound towards what they had always wanted to create: cosmic-rock livetronica. As Moon Boots changed, so did their name - Space Car Driver. In the form of Space Car Driver, we will bring you some rock, some funk, some techno... And always a good time.


We give our friends live recordings from the soundboard.

Set List

We usually play 2 sets all original songs with 1 or 2 covers a show.

example setlist:

Set 1: Nothing Gets By You > Rivergang, Break Away, Mystery*, Lighthouse* > Drums > Jam > Lighthouse, Cortez, Manitou > Hawk, Minus Ten

Set 2: Sky Is the Limit > D-Rave > Solitude, Jam > Xigong, Danger in the Valley > Destiny, Little Green Leaf, So Fresh So Clean*

[ * w/Dirty from dirtyPipes on rhymes ]