BandEDMHip Hop

I am a DJ/producer who loves what he does; making music and performing for people. I DJ/produce all types of EDM (lately Trap, Moombahton and Dubstep) and some hip-hop too. I've been making/performing music since I was 6 years old and I love it! ITS ALL ABOUT ATTITUDE! Great stage presence as well!


Ever since I was a kid I have loved music. I knew I wanted to be in the music industry, although I never thought it would be like this. Growing up I played the piano, drums, saxophone and violin. As I got older I was heavily influenced, by jazz, classic rock and got into hip-hop. Eventually I started to produce and mix hip-hop and fell in love with being a DJ and producer. Eventually I got into electronic and tend to DJ/produce electronic on a regular basis. Some of my major influences today are Diplo, Bro Safari, Flosstradamus, Major Lazer, A-Trak and many more. I love music and always have since I was a child.
I have opened up for and played with major acts/DJs such as Sound Remedy, BARE, Sazon Booya and have booked shows to play with people like Lazerdisk Party Sex and Alex Young. Also just got ranked by ReverbNation as the #2 DJ in the Boston/Eastern Mass. region! I try and be open to all types of music and am always looking for new and interesting gigs.
Today I'm trying to make it as a DJ and I've learned one thing; Never give up on what you love to do or your dream. In my experience, I have learned that if you have the open-mindedness and willingness to all music, ideas and to be creative, you have a better chance in succeeding in what you want to do in life!

Set List

Depends on the gig and crowd I'm playing for!