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New York City, New York, United States | SELF

New York City, New York, United States | SELF
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This band has not uploaded any videos
This band has not uploaded any videos



"New Music You Should Know About, Presented By India Reynolds"

This is BroBible's Friday feature to help expose all the up-and-coming artists who are trying to breakthrough on the scene. Here are some of the artists and websites that have emailed us in the past week. - BroBible

"Graveyard Shift - Space Command"

I’m going to take a page out of CNN’s book. Space Command tweets: “I’m always asking people, “how do I promote my band?” and the response seems to be, “get a twitter account.” Ok now what?” Well I don’t know Space Command, I saw you on Twitter first, so I think it’s working. I love this song. Beautiful harmonies, excellent usage of synths to supplement the live band, and fun hooks. Also. The production is squeaky clean. It starts out slow and wistful and builds to a lovely tempo with, let me emphasize this again, beautiful harmony. Clocking in at around seven minutes, this song qualifies for epic. Listen.

BONUS: And because it would be silly to make another post on Space Command immediately after this one, here’s another song of theirs which is also unbelievably good. This one is shorter and keeps a constant beat, so I can’t call it epic, but it is excellent. More of that wonderful harmony on top of a fun 8-bit track to supplement guitar and drum. As a mashup fan, I love it when people emphasize good production in a song. This is a great song. I can’t wait for these guys to make more music. Remember to check their site for their third song which I’m not posting here. - Paper Mash Music

"Space Command Bring Dance Thumps to ‘Pinkerton’ Cuts"

“Dance party” may not be the first phrase that jumps to mind when thinking about Pinkerton. Most people think more of self-pity and ragged heart-on-sweater-sleeve emoting in regards to Weezer’s beloved album. NYC electronica duo Space Command think different, as they tried to prove with an electronic tribute to Pinkerton. The lo-fi dance backing reminds us of those MIDI files you used to get stuck with back in the days of 56K modems, but with genuine human vocals overtop. We asked band member Will Nichols how this came about:

Craig and I have been Weezer fans (especially pinkerton) for a long time. When we started recording Butterfly, we had plans to cover the entire album. It was going to be called ‘Pinkerton v2.1 Dance Party [that’s the album art above], but we only ever recorded “Butterfly” and “El Scorcho” before ditching the idea and moving onto originals. This was our first foray into electronic music and is really the reason Space Command exists.

Download both songs below, then pester them to record the rest. - Cover Me Songs

"mp3 mixtape"

With Coachella done and over with, the music world as whole is left with this magical, intangible feeling. Like, this is the time for some great tunes to fill every molecule of air in the world and usher in some great times. With tons of potentially amazing albums to drop, a slew of festivals coming down the pipeline, and plenty more rays of sunshine beating down on the globe until the first leaves fall, now is the time to feel good. - Consequence of Sound

"The devil's round up"

With Graveyard Shift being pitched at the point at which emo and electronica meet Space Command are laying claim to the mantle of kings of emotronica. - The Devil Has The Best Tuna

"Sounds Like Space Command, Ford & Lopatin and Land of Leland Making a Thai Barbecue Brussels Wrap"

This dish toes the line between southern and Asian cuisine. To provide the sounds I needed bands that were familiar with a careful balance between two ends. New York's Space Command fits this bill. They are a combo platter of electronic, dance and emo music swaddled in an astronaut robot shell. -

"Pick Your Poison"

Absolutely lovely set of songs in Pick Your Poison today. Right to the point, highlights include tracks from Bare Wires, Exlovers, Iceage, Milagres, The Sea and Cake, Secret Cities, and Title Tracks. In the Soundcloud section you’ll find a new song from Arctic Monkeys and a solid one from The Tambourines. - Faronheit

"Daily Download"

Every weekday, MUF offers five (5) daily downloads of free and legal MP3s. We chose these songs for you to discover, download and explore more about the artists behind them. - Music Under Fire

"Stop Download"

Carpetas que esperan ser abiertas algún día. Notas de prensa que anuncian a la nueva gran banda que cambiará el curso de la música. Un disco duro que desborda de información que quizá nunca será procesada. Abrumados por las demasiadas canciones, hacemos una pausa, y elegimos las que creemos merecen ser escuchadas. En esta selección no hay distinción de géneros y estilos, solo prima la melodía y la independencia creativa. Dale clic y disfrútalas. - 69


Machines Make War/Machines Make Music - LP (2011)



Layering thumping dance beats, swirling synth hooks, exceptional vocal harmonies, and emotional lyrics, Space Command is an innovative newcomer to the music world. Although Space Command formed in late 2010, the duo are no stranger to the rock stage having performed together in multiple bands over the past decade. The band is based in New York City where they are currently in the studio working on an album set to be released later this year titled "Machines Make War/Machines Make Music".

Space Command features Craig Campbell on synth/guitar/vocals and Will Nichols on lead vocals. They are known for their explosive live performances where they take the stage dressed as robots and astronauts. They derived their musical style from artists as diverse as Pink Floyd, Bruce Springsteen, The Beatles, Arcade Fire, The Beach Boys, Metric, and Daft Punk. During their down time both members are hard at work repairing their spaceship in hopes of pursuing a galactic tour.