Space Ghost Cowboys
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Space Ghost Cowboys

Pleasantville, New York, United States

Pleasantville, New York, United States
Band Rock


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"Space Ghost Cowboys were Tremendous"

"Space Ghost Cowboys were tremendous, despite the small, free, and crowded show; it was amazing, inspiring, and powerful. There was an instant and undeniable rapport between the audience and the band, particularly with the lead singer Aaron Maine, who loomed over the crowd from amongst it, with a sweaty emotional adoration for the beauty of a good hook. Space Ghost Cowboys' melodies are memorable without being needlessly catchy, and the guitar, bass, and drum work are confident and competant" - Sam Schacter of Schack Attack Records

"Space Ghost Cowboys"

"Space Ghost Cowboys has the body of a folk act and the wherewithal of a drunkard when it comes to vilifying their compositional aims. 'Graveyard Bed' is proof of this notion, where a crescendo of both pain and lackadaisical come to meet after the verses stumble between the poles of dissonance" - Inkwell Press

"Space Ghost Cowboys At Whitson's Grand Ballroom"

"While the band is very tight, they do have enough rock 'n roll sensibility to let it all hang out sometimes and really indulge themselves and the audience in those sort of moments that have incredible emotional weight to them" - My Son Cool Blog

"Space Ghost Cowboys!"

"Every word feels as if it has been discovered in tears. Each note sounds as if it has been bled from the artists' hands and feet, torn and battered from the arduous yet noble journey each man takes to find love and happiness..." - Zeitfeist Blog

"Radio Broadcast"

"Aaron Maine, the leader of the Purchase College-based three-piece, frequently shifts his tone between a somber, drunken stupor to an enraged alcoholic across the thirteen songs. The result is both frightening and heartbreaking." - Dave Feldman of WBMB Radio

"Sex God Cowboys"

"Delicacy is not a work used to describe the madness that is a show of this caliber...All I know is that Space Ghost Cowboys are gods. I can be serenaded to sleep by their album during the weeknights, and spend my Fridays thrashing with the rest while they continue to amaze us all live." - Glow in the Dust Blog

"The Sad Album"

"The unique vocals often switch between melancholy, halfhearted, and full-hearted, and the melodies they comprise are always catchy at one point or another...It takes only one listen of most of the choruses on the album to recognize them instantly upon a second listen." - The Purchase Brick


Harmonica (2007)
The Sad Album (2009)
The Secret Album (2010) [Aaron Maine Solo Album]
Porcupine (2010)



Birthed from a first love that was seemingly never-ending, and perpetuated via heart-break unbridled, Space Ghost Cowboy's sense of human emotion has drawn audiences to their high energy shows for the past three years. Maybe it was something in the boozy breast-milk that has given the 3-piece their rock and roll attitude, or perhaps it's the weeks on the road supporting the music they've tailored. Either way, their Folk, Rock & Roll, and Punk sound continues to infatuate new listeners every day. Their live show is like an unstoppable freight train. With no end in sight, Space Ghost Cowboys are making quite an impact on those who listen - whether it be one of their albums, live, or the impromptu busk performances they have taken to during their down time on the road. The music of Space Ghost Cowboys will remind you what it is to be a Human Being.

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