Space Heroes of the People

Space Heroes of the People


We are a live electro band. Here are some nice things people have said about us: "Wonderful mad electropop symphonies" (Warren Ellis). “Like Visage trying to clone Kraftwerk in a 22nd century cyborg factory” (Nightshift). There are some other things but I've run out of space


We formed in Oxford in 2006.
The influences list:
The Presets, LCD Soundsystem, Stereolab, Soulwax, Dr Ben Goldacre, Rage Against the Unstoppable Sex Machine, Red Snapper, Richard Dawkins, Chris Morris, Jonathan Strange and Mr Norrell, Metronomy, The Vyacheslav Mescherin Orchestra of Electro-Musical Instruments, OMD, Neu!, the Soviet space programme, all dinosaurs everywhere.


"Motorway to Moscow" e.p. self released 2007. We'll hopefully record an album in the summer.
You can hear tracks of ours on http// and

Set List

We usually do 30-45 minute sets. No covers.
A 30 minute setlist might be 7 songs:
From Above
Roger Bacon vs Gillian McKeith
Shiny Shiny
Tesco Disco
Barbie is a Robot
Groovy Dancer
Motorway to Moscow