Space Is For Stars

Space Is For Stars


Catchy rock music with dancey grooves. Space is for Stars takes influences all the way from the 50's onward and puts in them in to their own fresh, original sound.


Space Is For Stars. The name itself is intriguing, but it is the music that will ignite and inspire souls for generations to come. Fresh guitar hooks immediately grab your attention, followed by a rhythm you can feel in your feet, and topped off with inciting modern poetry set to an undeniably catchy melody. These qualities are all translated through the band members’ lively free-spirited personalities.

In the fall of 2005, Ryan Sheppard and twin-brothers Gary and Brian Ellis were all in search of the same thing: an original musical project with a unique, fresh sound. After sending only a few ideas back and forth over the internet, they realized they were on the same page musically and scheduled to meet at a Toronto jam space. With immediate musical chemistry, they began writing, focusing on catchy, well-written songs that deviate just enough off the beaten path to offer something new and exciting, while retaining a straight forward delivery that everyone can enjoy. Along the way, they recruited Brayden Micucci to complete the group and make the songs what they are today.

Their unique brand of rock carries itself with a sound of its own. It has immediately familiar elements inspired by music from as far back as the 50’s right through to today, which creates an instant connection with the listener. Recently, their music has been connecting with more listeners than ever as they rapidly build their fan base and internet presence. Their primary live outlet so far has been the greater Toronto area; playing venues such as Lee’s Palace, Jeff Healey’s Roadhouse, and the Steamwhistle Indie Club, live from 102.1 the Edge. Outside the GTA, they have played Live Lounge in Ottawa for Live 88.5, and a live-to-air broadcast on the Rock Show for Waterloo’s 100.3fm. The band also performed at the Oakville Relay For Life event, a fundraiser with an attendance of over 5000 people.

In the coming months, Space Is For Stars will be releasing an EP, as well a digital version on iTunes, and using it to further increase their fan base. They will be playing across a much larger territory, covering most of Canada, and parts of the United States. If their success thus far is any indicator of things to come, Space Is For Stars will be popping up in every major media outlet before the year is over.