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Spaceman is both charismatic and animated, known for adding comedic value to his music while remaining razor sharp on the microphone. He is a vibrant performer who captivates his audience both theatrically and musically. He keeps you guessing and wanting more.


From his start with Sportn’ Life Records, Spaceman was known for hyping his label mates on stage and delivering a hot sixteen bars on their records. In mid 2008 all of that changed as Spaceman became the labels breakout artist. He swiftly plunged on the scene doing a hefty 40 shows in 12 months. Local media, fans and his colleagues were all quick to call him the next “big thing”.

Spaceman’s verse on Big Homie Style off of Jake One’s White Van Music set him apart from other locals on the album. His energy is magnetic and his stage show is outstanding. In 2009 Spaceman was invited to play some of the regions most esteemed music festivals like Bumbershoot, The Capitol Hill Block Party and Reverbfest. He has shared the stage with Nas, Wu Tang Clan, Redman & Method Man, 88 Keys, and Devin the Dude.
Known primarily for club anthems like “Fly den a Muf*ka” and Box-n-Pop”. His smash single “This is that Fire” went directly into rotation on Seattle’s KEXP 90.3FM almost immediately after its release. Spaceman’s debut E.P. is due out Spring 2010 and will be followed up by a couple of more E.P’s and then a full length project. For know you can catch him doing what he does best, rocking mics, stage diving, crowd surfing and just plain entertaining crowds.
“Spaceman’s music is not introspective or wordy, which is a relief. His music is clever and fresh.” -Camp

“From the moment I walked in the door admittedly late, I was captivated by Spaceman’s stage presence as I could tell he knows exactly what it means to be an MC -Jonathan Cunningham, The Seattle Weekly


March 2010
"Greetings Earthlings" Mix tape

Singles on Sportn' Life Records

"This is That Fire" (2009)
"Fly den a Mu f*kah" bw/ Box-n-Pop (2007)

Set List

Spaceman is available to perform 15-60 min sets