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North Hollywood, California, United States | INDIE

North Hollywood, California, United States | INDIE
Band Alternative Rock


This band has not uploaded any videos
This band has not uploaded any videos



"2008 LP "Little Baby Souls""

Released in 2008, available at itunes and at - Spaceman

""Homemade Jam" plays on Nickelodeon's Zoey 101"

Spaceman's single "Homemade Jam" from "Little Baby Souls" aired on Nickelodeon's Halloween Haunted House episode. The show featured Jamie Spears the sister of Britney Spears. - Nickelodeon


New release is available now at - Spaceman

""Crazy" plays on Nickelodeon's Victorious"

The new single "Crazy" from "MAN THE MACHINE" aired on the hit show Vicotious over the weekend. - Nickelodeon

""New Blood" page 17 Rich Campus"

Review of Spaceman's drummer Rich Campus from their debut CD "Little Baby Souls." Highlights from the article - "The Cd has diverse catchy tunes." "Spaceman's drummer has a funkified right foot." - Drum! Magazine Dec 2009

"Rock Band Radio"

As of 12/01/09 Spaceman has 4 songs "Wild, Cornerstore, Superhero, and Medicate" playing in rotation on - The band has had as many as 10 spins in a day. -

"Artist First"

In the Summer of 2010 the band is scheduled to do a one hour live interview to promote it's new Cd "MAN THE MACHINE." - ArtistFirst

"iCarly Rocks "Superhero""

Superhero played on the popular kid show "iCarly." It played during the "iQuit" episode on 7/25/10. - Nickelodeon

"Spaceman on Rock n' Roll Report"

Spaceman is selected to be a "Spotlight" band on The Rock n' Roll Report. - Rock n Roll Report 2010

"Top Bands"

UC Davis magazine picks Spaceman as one of their top bands. - Vent Magazine, Jan. 2010

"DIY Music Festival 2010"

Selected as a finalist for the 2010 DIY Music Festival. - Bug Music

"Buzzradio" is playing "Homemade Jam and Medicate," in 2010. - Internet Radio

"FNA Radio"

Canada is playing Spaceman on the radio. - FNA Radio

"Junior's Cave"

Read a review about the band and hear our music played on Live 365 at - Junior's Cave Online Magazine


2010 LP "MAN THE MACHINE" singles include, "Firecracker, Crazy, I Hate People"

"Crazy" aired on Nickelodeon's "Victorious."

2008 LP "Little Baby Souls" singles include "Superhero, Medicate, and Homemade Jam."

"Homemade Jam" is featured on Nickelodeon's "Zoey 101 Halloween Haunted House episode." The song plays yearly on the hit show.
"Superhero" plays on Nickelodeon's iCarly "iQuit" episode.



Spaceman is an alternative rock band based out of Los Angeles, California. Influenced by rock legends Rush and REM, the band plays with a technical style adding creative arrangements and thought provoking lyrics to their songs. 90's bands, Nirvana, Henry Rollins, Collectve Soul, and Bad Religion inspired an edgy guitar driven sound. Led by Chris Brown and Andy Lotts, the two song writer's crafted a string of songs in 2008 for their debut Cd "Little Baby Souls." During the recording of "Little Baby Souls" the duo reinvented themselves by adding former drummer Richard Campus and guitar, keyboard player, Joe Kane to produce a rock album that they can take to the stage. Mastered by grammy award winning producer Tom Weir, "Little Baby Souls" is gaining popularity through internet radio stations like and magazine publications such as "Drum! Magazine" December 2009. The magazine praised the band for it's well crafted and diverse songs.

In 2010, Spaceman released "MAN THE MACHINE," available at itunes and at The band takes it's music to another level with even more gut wrenching guitars and explosive drums. Lyrically, the cd questions man's dependence upon technology and scoffs at cultural misnomers. The new release features frontman Zak Shaffer on lead vocals.