Space Moose

Space Moose


Well we are a jam band, we like to rock out, and make booties shake.


We are influenced by all walks of music. We are different because we cover all different genres of music. We just love to give the crowd a good time. We all cam out of Kirkwood High School.


Our first demo was "A Taste of Space." Which contained songs: Funky Bitch, The Red Sea, and Dance and Move.

Set List

We usually do one set, but we would like more. We have a lot of originals including, Funky Bitch, Dance and Move, St. Rick, Trippy Jam, Moose Trance, Caribou Cavern, Empty Glass, Ed, Let Go, Moose Landing, Gangster, Ooo Damn, Red Sea. Some cover include: Come Together, Breathe, Free, Whole Lotta Love, Ain't Seen Nothing Yet, Sweet Emotion.