Space Neighbors

Space Neighbors

 Corvallis, Oregon, USA

Imagine Jamiroquai vs. Devo vs. the B-52's in an indie disco Thunderdome where a variety of sexy alien spectators writhe and gyrate to the pulse of the universe... welcome to a Space Neighbor show!


The Space Neighbors are an eclectic group centered in the vibrant cosmic vortex of Corvallis, Oregon. Blasting off at the speed of fun, we aim to make you feel at home so you can kick off the space boots and get your groove on!

Formed in 2009 originally as a trio to develop hiphop soundscapes, including current members Yohan and Rigel 7. The group eventually evolved to focus on more danceable grooves after addition of keyboardist Jason, aka Milky Jay. The space themed element came along with much inspiration from then guitarist Joel's son's infatuation with Futurama. With the addition of lead vocalist Jenna Summer Smith the newly formed space crew found strong footing in the Corvallis area inspiring many wild nights of galaxy-fueled dance ecstasy.

Local success has maintained since Summer 2009 with capacity filling shows in the small local venues as well as some success in out of town ventures in Eugene, Albany, and Portland. Space Neighbors has also played successfully in some of the local festivals like Mayday and Da Vinci Days.

2011 saw the completion of their first full length album - Escape Pod - which has received numerous positive, albeit local, reviews. Unfortunately, guitarist Joel left orbit, ultimately replaced by Nick (aka Nick of Time) later that year. Nick brought a new vocal element as well as his own style of guitar work which continues to bring excitement and evolution to the Space Neighbor sound.


The Space Age (2009 demo)
Escape Pod (2011)

Set List

Setlist is always unique to the setting:

Set 1
Theme Song
Zero G
Good Part
Beam Me Up
Ladies Night
Space Circus
Beam Me Up

Set 2
In Your Eyes
Little Green Men
Higher Power
Escape Pod
Cosmic Girl
It's Alright
I Feel Love
Your Space or Mine

E: Breakin Down