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Spaceport Union

 Victoria, British Columbia, CAN
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Pink Floydesque sounds drifting through the atmosphere, blending their sound waves with Radiohead, Porcupine Tree, King Crimson, Black Angels, Kate Bush and Phish, then hurtling the melded sonic vibration through a black hole at the speed of light until it returns as a unique and utterly heartfelt explosion of EPIC progressive art rock.


"Quite simply Flirting with the Queen is a triumph that will win the hearts and minds of all who hear it, and for progressive fans, it is an absolute must." - Sonic Abuse (UK)

Seems like the single most repeated word that people say when they see this band play live is "EPIC".

The mysterious and eccentric Spaceport Union will whisk you away on a compelling cosmic voyage with their eclectic amalgamation of progressive art rock. Let yourself defy gravity as you are drawn into celestial planes diffused with experimental instrumentation and novel sound ideas, very much in the trail of past greats such as the Alan Parsons Project, King Crimson, Talking Heads, Led Zeppelin and Pink Floyd, and in amongst modern artists like My Morning Jacket, Explosions in the Sky, Porcupine Tree and Radiohead.

With a blazing, magical sound that will take you on a journey to the outer stratosphere, instrumentation for Spaceport Union's engaging live show includes a musical saw, an iPhone theremin, found objects, electric and acoustic guitars, keys, bass, drums, glockenspiel, intricately woven, 3-part harmony vocals and trumpet.

Spaceport Union has been developing their live show into a vibrant, cathartic concert experience. An intoxicating melding of light, sound and physical performance, the band has worked towards a musical euphoria in the vein of the great progressive bands of the past and present. Frontman, Adam Basterfield, steers the shows with his fiery guitar playing, warm keyboards, and enigmatic stage presence reminiscent of David Byrne. Caroline Spence co-fronts the band providing contrast to Basterfield with her haunting vocals and firmly psychedelic guitar textures. The dense sonic palette is held together by the solid rhythm section of drummer, Taylor Charles and bassist, Aaron St. Arnault. Shows usually include incredible visuals that are mixed live to the band's music by VJ PHOTON.


The band has been hard at work preparing their sophomore album for release. They traveled across Canada to Toronto to record the album at the historic Phase One Studios with producer, Michael Jack (Rush, Bono, The Trews). 

The band's second full-length album,"Permanent Frequency" is a more cohesive effort, a deepening of the Spaceport Union experience that was felt at the heart of their well-received debut album,'Flirting with the Queen'. The first album received rave reviews from the UK prog scene, with radio play on a number of niche stations in the UK and on national radio in Canada. The first single, 'Fueled by Consequence' won 2013 VIMA Song of the Year. The song 'Minnow', was noted as a 'prog rock classic in the making' and was listed as one of the top 15 songs that 'rocked his world' in 2013, by prog reviewer Michael Anthony of UberRock, ranking among other bands like Deep Purple and Steven Wilson.  Recently, new single, "White Noise", won Rock Recording of the Year at the 2016 VIMAs, as well as Music Video of the Year.

Songs for the upcoming album include 'In the Heat of the Sun', an intricately chorded, piano-based song about the Canadian prairie 'desert', inspired by a title from Dave Bidini (Rheostatics). Prog and experimental fans will enjoy songs like 'Schwa' and 'White Noise' that blend a strong progressive rock foundation with experimental elements in the lyrics and arrangement. Psychedelic fan favourites, 'Fever Dream' and 20-minute, epic, 'This Town will Kill You', were also part of the sessions. The songs on the album delve into heavier subject matter and the band is actively working to bring the album story to life as a live concept show. Extensive touring to promote the album is planned through 2017.


ON DEBUT ALBUM, 'Flirting with the Queen':

"‘Minnow’ is a modern prog classic in the making...
...highly recommended...a fine, fine debut album" - M. Anthony (UberRock UK)

"There are a number of bands and artists that can stake a claim to be able to genuinely reinvent what progressive music is all about; with 'Flirting with the Queen', Spaceport Union have proven themselves to be more than worthy contenders." - D. Pedley (Fireworks Magazine UK)


"Fearless...incredible...literally transports you to the outer limits of sonic symphonic!...truly one of a kind band..." - H.Chow (BlastOff Studios)

"Sheer brilliance...awe inspiring, perhaps, the word for every performance....epic thunder." - D.Jackson (Music Blogger)


Fueled by Consequence (FWTQ)

Written By: Basterfield | Spence

Build me up
Burn me down
Send me crashing to the ground

It isn't like I can choose
I've got everything to lose

The consequences get me moving
The repercussions keep me going

Waste my value
Waste my time
Throw me in the firing line
The only reason I'm still here
I'm too afraid to disappear

The consequences get me moving
The repercussions keep me going

The Writing's On The Wall (FWTQ)

Written By: Spence | Basterfield

There's a danger that I see in your eyes
Will we ever get wise to these old hearts?

Now you say you're leaving, you don't even try to explain
I just don't know what we'll gain, if we never talk

I could have listened more
You could have left an open door
Can see this freight train from a million miles away

Oh yeah
The writing is on the wall

I get a feeling, when things don't seem to align
Are we ignoring the signs that we're near the end?

I've been dreaming, we could both make a change
We could turn back the page, take it to the start

You give me vertigo
Cracks in these walls never seem to show
Can we find a way back to our island in the sun?

Oh yeah
The writing is on the wall

Can I ever carry on?
I can change after all

In the Heat of the Sun (New album: Permanent Frequency)

Written By: A. Basterfield

Flatland that stretches for miles
A hole in the centre of the country
No towns
Just flies
On a windshield graveyard
Baking into place
In the heat of the sun

Desert of the north
Draws out forever
A treacherous passing through
No towns
Just flies
And servants of industry
No place to hide
Burned alive
In the heat of the sun

ə (New album: Permanent Frequency)

Written By: Basterfield | St.Arnault | Spence

Don't waste your time on your weaknesses
They will always haunt you
You know they're right
to laugh at your missteps
What a wonderful display
of shit.

All your shame of human error reflects on you forever
and wears like facial markings
You should know by now
to hide your weakness
from hyenas craving warm blood

Blue Marble (New album: Permanent Frequency)

Written By: Basterfield | Spence

She turns, we breathe,
while we still have a chance,
Countless species
Slowly bleed her dry
One world
to share between us,
One world
that will outlive us all

While history dictates
we're not meant to survive
We live in combat
over all that she provides
She will thrive without us
Creatures come and go,
adapting to her will

She doesn't need our help
She will deal with us herself


Sophomore full length album, "Permanent Frequency," set for release summer 2017  

"Blue Marble," single - released April 2016

"In the Heat of the Sun," single - released September 2015

"White Noise," single - released March 2015

"Flirting with the Queen," album - released September 2012.

"Lark", EP - released August 2011.

Set List

Drone (Metropolis)
Fueled by Consequence
É™ (pronounced Schwa)
Writing's on the Wall
Yer Battery's Dyin'
For Years
AM Blather
White Noise
This Town will Kill You/Nebula
Simple Lack of Motivation
Fever Dream
In the Heat of the Sun
Growth & Learning


Second hand truth

Human Alien