Armed with blistering saxophone chops and effects, screaming keyboards, and one of the tightest drum & bass duos around, SpaceQuakers' largely improvisational live sound brings in-the-pocket grooves along with intense and gripping jams to its dance-hungry fans.


Out of the experiences and accomplishments of several locally-successful bands comes a melting pot of influences brought together by chance to create SpaceQuakers. Forming in March of 2006, the band members, as well as the surrounding community, quickly realized they had found something special.

Stemming from a love of jamming, SpaceQuakers' music is largely improvisational; but at the same time the songs themselves are well-crafted and accessible. Fans who attend live shows can always expect the unexpected; a different set list every show, improvisation and experimentation meandering to new musical heights, humorous stage banter, and plenty of audience interaction. What keeps fans coming back for more are the incredibly tight and driving grooves, as well as the intense and gripping improvisational interplay that keeps everyone on their toes (on the dance floor, that is).

Members have shared bills with national touring acts such as the Doobie Brothers, Hootie and the Blowfish, Michelle Branch, Alan Jackson, KC Williams and Paul Simon. There has also been exposure to the international music scene as well. The members include Ben Kostich on bass/vocals, Sean Lau on saxophone/vocals, Rob Pfeifer on keyboards/vocals, and Adam Sullivan on drums/lead vocals.

Within months of existence, the band recorded a demo of mostly original songs that displayed their song writing and playing abilities and their uniquely danceable sound. The originals have been warmly received by music fans and by a multitude of musicians. In the demo's first few months of release on disc and MySpace, it has been listened to by thousands across the nation. Not only does SpaceQuakers supply great live music, but they provide a unique musical experience to a continuously growing fan-base.

More Highlights:
Selected List of Past/Other Current Projects
- Fat Maw Rooney [Sean]
- Mary Karlzen Band (Atlantic Records) [Adam]
- Litmus Vinyl* [Sean]
- The Up & Atoms* [Ben]
- The Up & Atoms [Adam]
- KC Williams* [Rob]
*Notes current Project

Members have shared bills with:
- Michelle Branch
- Hootie & the Blowfish
- Danny Miller Band
- All-American Rejects
- Skid Row
- Tim McGraw
- The Northwoods Band
- Stealin' Strings
- Mike Brumm
- Fat Maw Rooney
- Chinese Fingertrap
- eVibe
- MoonDawg
- Little Marsh Overflow
- Run Side Down
- Nama Rupa
- Marvins Gardens

Band Member/Group Past Accomplishments:
- WAMI Nomination for Best Keyboardist
- WAMI Nomination for Best Blues Group
- WAMI Nomination for Best Ska/Reggae Group
- Best Independent Song (LA Music Industry)
- Tour runs in Europe

SpaceQuakers E-mail List:
SpaceQuakers has an active e-mail list of hundreds of fans. This list is used to distribute news and information about upcoming shows.

There have been over 4500 profile views and over 7500 individual plays of their songs since the SpaceQuakers' creation of the site in mid-March of 2006.


Stuck in a Funk

Written By: Adam Sullivan

Sun is rising, peaceful morning glow between the blinds
Haven't caught one wink of sleep 'cause my constant nagging mind
My kitchen window shows a world awake with things to do
Might finally catch some third shift z's, but I'll hit the snooze 'til noon

Stuck in a funk, just can't clear my overloaded head
I'm so tired, but I can't find no peace inside my bed
Maybe I'll just roll a J and try the couch instead

Always runnin' late for something, never time to shoot the breeze
Though they're right in my front pocket, I can't seem to find my keys
Battle three lanes worth of traffic, through blaring horns and flipping birds
To work like I don't need the money, but all I'm savin' up is my choice words

Stuck in a funk, just wanna stay in bed all day
Always workin' for the man, but there's never time to play
So sick of this routine, there's gotta be a better way

I love my couch, so worn and old, but it puts me in a sleeper hold
The TV sings me lullabies like "get rich quick" or "tone your thighs"
I rest my eyes at midnight, just to open them at five
I'm wakin' up to go to bed, in this funk I'm half alive

Stuck in a funk, it doesn't have to be this way
My restless mind should take a pit stop everyday
But my girl smiles at me, and I know I'll be okay

Thought Bubble

Written By: Adam Sullivan

Might think you know me, but ya don't
Might think you're gonna read my mind, but ya won't
You can place your bets on guessing how I'll emote
But my mind's flipping channels and won't share the remote

Odds are you'll lose this bet
Still can't predict me yet
I'm a puzzle you can't complete
But here's a way for you to cheat

Ink my image on the newsprint, a living comicstrip I'd be
Then draw your image in the same frame, so you're standing next to me
As we converse in two dimensions, thought bubbles form above my head
And my thoughts that you are reading, might not agree with what I've said

It's a shame thought bubbles don't exist
Climb upstairs and eaves drop in my head
My life's an open book, though my privacy is sorely missed
We get a little help from the thoughts we've read

Catch me while I'm sleeping, as you stand over my bed
My dreams project like movies, inside the bubble above my head
You might discover things about me, things that I might never find
'Cause we all have treasures buried deep in our subconscious minds

It's a shame thought bubbles don't exist
Climb upstairs and eaves drop in my head
My life's an open book, though my privacy is sorely missed
Our differences resolved by the thoughts we've read


Demo released in early 2006. A full album is currently in development. "Stuck in a Funk" has been played numerous times on 96.3 WHYS in Eau Claire, WI. Selection of tracks available on

Set List

Sets contain a mixture of the songs listed below. However, the sets are constantly changing, and we add material on a regular basis. SpaceQuakers sets are highly adjustable depending on the needs of the venue; typically two sets (each being about 1 1/2 to 2 hours).

Stuck in a Funk
Thought Bubble
A Dangerous Game of Cat & Mouse
Night Child
Europa's Ocean
Turnpike Song
Soul's Folly
Here We Are Again
Sean's Groove

Selected Covers (We are constantly changing our repertoire):
Tall Boy - Widespread Panic
Peace Frog - The Doors
Sand - Phish
Rock the Casbah - The Clash
Boogie on Reggae Woman - Stevie Wonder
Ghostbusters - Ray Parker Jr.
Livin' for the City - Stevie Wonder
2001 - Deodato
New York's Alright If You Like Saxophones - Fear
Right Place, Wrong Time - Dr. John
Psycho Killer - Talking Heads
Tiger Roll - Galactic
I Robot - Alan Parsons Project
Comfortably Numb - Pink Floyd