Spaces Between

Spaces Between


Spaces Between is an idea that stems from the ability to distill the beauty of our lively journey. Our open path to writing & sharing sensitive & responsive tunes directs how our songs become hypnotically acoustic, progressive rock, or even a train wreck on a suspension bridge


Spaces Between
is a two man operation founded by multi-instrumentalists:

Aaron Sinclair and Donald Mackay.

Already they have accumulated an extensive collection of songs, experiments, sounds, films, art pieces, instruments, and philosophies all in the context of their own professional sound studio located in Halifax, Nova Scotia.

Sinclair (from Saskatchewan) and Mackay (from Ontario) are both sons of clergy man and
hold a devout love for people and the human cause. This is why they’re destined to make music work for them and the community at large. They are also multifaceted individuals with passions extending through fields of carpentry, sculpting, engineering and philosophy while always active in music communities all over Canada (Yellowknife to Halifax) and even in Leeds, UK. They have played with such bands as The Flying Buttresses, Sarah Stephanson, Hale and Euclid Ave while recording parts for CBC and numerous other music projects throughout their history. Now in Nova Scotia, Spaces Between plan to develop and share their innovative creative secrets to the greater community via dynamic live performances, heart-felt and thought-provoking recordings, art pieces and diverse interactivity over the internet.


New Day

Written By: Spaces Between (Words: Donald Mackay, Music:Donald Mackay, Aaron Sinclair)

one day will come
one day will shine
when one day we leave
our troubles behind

we'll see this new day
in a ray of new light
we'll see this new day
and we'll know something's right

I can now try
to do what I can
in the name of religion
or in the name of no man

but none of that matters,
for what matters to me
is whether we're strengthening
our own community

for everyday past
is everyday gone
and everyday I wonder
how I'm moving on

how many times
will that sun choose to rise?
as it lights up our earth
and fires in our eyes

our busy little lives
in our busy little towns
on this busy little earth
with no one else around

we're self-induced busy
so busy to survive
while hoping that our children
will keep ourselves alive

so what does it mean
to live here and now
to question ourselves
in the universe somehow

to question oneself
is all i can do
for it's my life to live
it's what I choose to do


Our first releases include both our indie progressive rock disc and our most fitting begining album, "While You Sleep" written for infants and their parents.

Set List

New Day
Super Strings
Apple Pie
Cold December
Great Art
What's Love
Flower D
He Means Us
Mystery of Reality
Old Man
Wistful Words
Intrinsic Detective