Spaces Between Stars

Spaces Between Stars

 Halifax, Nova Scotia, CAN

Get launched into soulful harmonies and jam-based rock grooves, with influences ranging from Radiohead to the Beach Boys, SBS will recreate the Big Bang before your very eyes and ears.


Spaces Between Stars have begun launching their new EP titled Dark Matter! It is in EP format and features six tracks recorded at Spaces Between Sound Studio in Halifax,NS. A limited first-run of CD's have been packaged in 100% recycled paper sleeves with a unique number inscribed on the back of each sleeve.

Brief bio:

Spaces Between Stars will launch you into orbit with soulful vocal harmonies and jam-based rock grooves that enter into the higher atmosphere. The power-trio from Halifax, NS draws influences from The Beach Boys to Radiohead. They bring with them the mystery of the North Atlantic, fusing elements of experimental rock and elaborate vocal harmonies that hint at a sound from the 60's. The modest three-piece delivers an exuberant and memorable live show. Catch them on the Dark Matter Tour this Fall 2010.


Self titled EP (demo) - July 2010

Set List

All Originals

Burden of the Beast
See Light
Ropes & Reigns
Don't need to say I love you
If I had a song
Troubled Troubadour
Fragile People
Waiting On A Wave
Bring it back