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Spaceship Excellent, 10-song EP released September '08



A Spaceship Excellent show is a humanist revival, a community assembly, a dance party, a come-one-come-all cosmic exhibition. These Spacemen provide communion with the body of Rhythm. They engage minds, hearts and asses in equal measure.

Capt. Beaujangles's rhymes are those of a true storyteller with a global conscience and a gift for wordplay. The man raps with an easy, natural cadence, clearly enunciating each syllable of his nuanced poetry. There is none of the empty self-aggrandizement and materialism of so many MC's in Beau-J's flows, rather themes of improvement of the self and of the collective, taking action against injustice, and celebration of pure human spirit.

Spaceship Excellent's music is fresh and is composed with passion as well as careful attention to detail. Bass lines evoke the masters of 1970's Jamaica, classic soul and P-Funk. Guitar parts vary from the angular, dissonant lines of modern rock, to the lush, complex chording of jazz, to the syncopated scratching of retro funk and reggae, to the rhythmic bounce of Afro-beat. And, always at the core, the foundation: the BOOM-BAP of the drums keeping butts moving on the ones and twos.

Capt. Beaujangles and Cmdr. JJ Moon made each other's acquaintance in 2005. Beau-J's experiments with Hip-Hop as a mode of storytelling and poetic discourse complemented Moon's work in fusing the raw cathartic power of Rock & Roll with the intricate, expansive rhythms of Africa and the Caribbean. Spaceship Excellent was created as a mobile laboratory to pursue the integration of these studies.

Spaceship Excellent has performed at many venues in Seattle, always to very enthusiastic responses. They have done their thing in small to medium sized clubs and full-scale house parties. They can expect to draw 100-150 sexy bodies to a show at this point, and that number grows with each new show.

Spaceship Excellent will release a 10-song EP mid August, '08.