spaceships are cool

spaceships are cool

 Nottingham, England, GBR

sci-fi sunshine pop & retro-folktronica "Dream-like romps through a blip-rock playground" "sounding like my Super NES made a pop album"


Spaceships are cool are the UKs answer to the Flaming lips all mixed up in a cartoon bubble of sci-fi sunshine pop.

Dressed in matching orange space suits they mix acoustic instruments with bleeps and beats, theremins and stylophones and they have taken their quirky folktronic tunes all over the world including performances at Glastonbury festival, CMJ New York, NXNE Toronto and Iceland Airwaves.

They have just released their Music for space cadets EP which features instrumental songs for children who love sci-fi and have already released two LPs which created a wonderland of day dreaming music featuring chilled out vocals and more instruments than the Beach Boys ever used.

Their music has been used on MTV reality TV, BBC, Virgin Atlantic flights, Sky transworld sports, Finnish airways, Canadian fashion TV, shows about cakes, Swedish programs about farmers and even on a Greenlandic feature film.

And they give away origami space rockets to everyone they meet at live shows!

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strawberry kickers

Written By: rob maddison

All about a world
where busy people live
their running out of time
inside this show

all about a girl
a beautiful garden
its full of shades of gold
where her dreams grow

round about the time
i'm falling through these trees
and landing on the steps
where she once said

I think I would not try to keep you , alone
I would try to light your way home
i'm keeper of the seasons, you know,
for there are many reasons, to show.

all about a world
where different people go
to make each other smile
like tv shows

all about the girl
with strawberry boots on
who runs around the block
to catch the sun

round about this time
i'm flicking through this show
and cue-ing up the point
where she once said

I think I would not try to keep you, alone
I would try to light your way home
i'm keeper of these seasons you know
for there are many reasons to show.

don't be alone

Written By: rob maddison aka spaceships are cool


we're not always dreaming, although there's good reason to,
it's not quite unusual to be here again.

We're only just strangers, in this beautiful landscape,
it's not quite a miracle to see her again.

So don't feel alone
Don't be out there again
just sail through & shine on
the you will find.

You were always my angel, you were there when I needed you,
it's not quite unusual, to fall for you.

So don't feel alone
just fall in love again
to stay with me, just kiss me
and you will find

You won't be alone
don't feel afraid again
just take a breath and hold on, then you will find.

so don't be alone.....Just fall in love again.


SPACESHIPS ARE COOL. EP (5 tracks) & LP 'Heart echoes' & new single SHE are all available digitally at iTunes, gogoyoko, amazon & Emusic. hand screen printed artwork cds and 7" & 12" vinyls available from all live shows.

Collaboration project 'TOKYO EP' Mr Bird vs Spaceships, is also available through iTunes stores. with our remix of Icelandic band 'Bloodgroup' available at

Digi-single (2011) DON'T BE ALONE out now on iTunes, eMusic,

Debut LP Heart echoes (2010)

2nd LP 'WE WERE HERE' (2012)
Itunes, gogyoko, emusic, spotify.


Set List

current UK spaceships setlist is 35-45 mins as a 7 piece band.
extendable up to 1hr.

April blossom
We were here
Fall in the city
Heart echoes
Gingerbread houses
Below 29ยบ
This will be my dream
Shake it up!

Other live formats:
Solo & 4 piece acoustic shows

5 piece folktronic shows (laptop beats n bleeps. acoustic guitars, violin, synths).