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It haven’t happened with me for a long time, that a demo was trying to sneak back into my cd player again and again, proving its brilliance. The band called Spacesh!t creating their songs cheeky and professionally and this is only the beginning.
The quartet has been working together since autumn 2003. In their music, guitars astoundingly kissing with machines, space-feeling with rock’n’roll. Spacesh!t uses live instruments and vocals in a unique was also; guitars with hell of overdrives, and many effects, some vocals laced by vocoders on the demo.
…On the 5 tracks demo “Breathe The Rhythm Of The Universe” the songs are not in Hungarian, neither the lyrics, nor the musical aspects of it, and maybe it is unusual in our country (some simple minded musical responsible would call this alternative music… shussh!) that their music is the essence of the music of the last 30 years what they like to listen, from Bowie to Chemical Brothers. Jeli the lead singer identified their music in a sms interview: “There is a special space lane in our songs. It is interesting, because we did not plan it, it happened by an accident. Just turned out this way. Somewhere deep, inside it was working in us, and as the machines get in to our songs, space-feeling came to surface.” By the way, that’s where the band got the name from.
- Géza Dömötör (Univ Pécs)

"Unknown Noises"

It was the first time for spacesh!t face to facet the audience. The formation is not conventional, neither they music. The quartet of vocals-guitar-drums-electric devices (synths, samplers) is hard to identify as any musical styles. But if we wanna force it to an existing category here is one: elektropunk. The singer frontman brings some notorious Sid Vicious style with his stage appearance, and many times the guitar also plays three cord punk riffs too. From this they smash into garage rock, than to disco-funk, than to some smooth psychedelic guitar comes, backed up with a little break-beat or techno 4/4. The vocals are sometimes “scratchy”, kinda ‘70’s rock’n’roll feeling (caused by the vocalist frontman) sometimes more classical, with smooth tunes (caused by the guitarist-singer, who may gonna be the favourite of the girl fans) and all these components makes a whole, for many times within the same song. I was just wandering that what the spaceshit I was listening to! -!t

"Happy Birthday"

After awhile, when I found colleauge Nográdi, Spacesh!t smashed into the strings. I was looking around dumb as I did not understand the poor interest of the crowd drinking outside. On the stage, there was a highly professional rock’n’roll band playing. It was the first time I faced the fact, that a band appeired in our town, who perfectly fills the space in the local musical field what existed until now. Their music comes from the bases of the Hellacopters, Backyard Babies, what is spiced with some samplers, resulting something like the members of Depeche Mode got drunk and were playing with Dregen in a MotoBiker’s club. Balázs Rózsa drummer was playing with such a feeling, and so astoundingly tight, that if someone starts to tell the bollocks about the death of Rock’n’Roll, I beat the shit out of him with a drumstick! - sothis (:

"Boys and Girls in the mine"

Within a couple of days I bumped into the Spacesh!t on the second time, and I didn’t mind it at all! To make a deeper analysis of their music, this time I had my coulleague “Karcos” on my right. We stood there in that cranky journalist position and we were telling those big phrases like “Wow, what an Iggy Pop influence”, or “What an interesting embrace of AC/DC and the Kraftwerk.” But the band was not analysing, instead they showed us what the rock’n’roll is indeed!


"16 tons of rock’n’roll"

16 tons of rock’n’roll

On Wednesday I was focusing to the gig of the more and more active band, called Spacesh!t, to see, how could be adapted the work what they did in the studio, to the sages of the clubs. Well, I had to notice that the answer is: very well, even above my expectations! From the electric bases –what is on the demo- thanks for the live drums, and for a hyperactive singer they moved the balance towards rock music, what fits to them great! It is still a “head screeching” task to put this band -who I have already written about in an earlier article- to any category. But the moods of Depeche, Kraftwerk, what I mentioned that time, were less strong however the electric feeling were still definitely there. After some space hits I realised that this is electroclash- rock’n’roll with energic rock musicians and with angry attitude.
- Géza Dömötör (Univ Pécs)


Breath the Rythm of the Universe 2005. (Demo/Promo)

DC&D is on the 2007/05 Wan2 Magazine's Special Editon Cd (Engenires of the Future 1,2,3 Start!) (Rerleased in 10 000 copys)



"As Spaceshit has formed its unrevealing and untouchable shape a huge energetic staccato was heard throughout the Universe. Some people could hear it, some could see poems rising from the Styx river generated by the rowing sound of boatman whom takes you across worlds. I have heard of people whom were able touch living forms shaped by the multi dimensional sound of this music genius circle. Of Course every beginning is hard but not unheard. The original band had perfect sound to raise curiosity, and stir up the will for a good night party, that’s why you are able to hear their unofficial unreleased CDS playing all around the world in clubs and underground stores, such as the US and the dark corners of London. Their work has amused many independent film makers in The Us and in Canada and they are willing to use Spacesh!t as a background Music. For Example Jake Daniel’s Production, GALACTICAST, David Martin Films, Alex Houley Student Projects would be more than happy to buy the rights from Spacesh!t to use their amusing sound in his films. There is nothing to be amused about , because Spacesh!t’s music not only a great party music where,- while one dances, can relax and close the everyday problems out of their mind , but it’s one of the greatest New Generation movie background music ever. Yes New Generation! As you can feel it in the art-hmosphere, there is a new trend coming up, undetected depths are revealing trough hands and minds and senses of never known artists, and Spacesh!t is one of them. Blowing minds away and carving new patterns into the violently unoriginal and unchanging Cosmopolitanism. Their sound contains all that you need to enjoy art. Wild outbursts of frustration mellows into ambient indie rock techno soul etc. At Talent shows their performances gives them acknowledgment by winning titles, but as all young talents there is an urgent need for better advertising, an Album release in mass printing, and great networking."

Laszlo Szontagh CA