Space Tank

Space Tank


Sex Motor Music, Battle Rock, Space Groove. Those are the terms that best describe us. We feed off and are fed by the audience. Our music is unique yet accessible it's about feeling .@ the end of our set you will know how many songs we played NONE SOUND THE SAME.Tight Drivin Grooves & Dirty Sweet


Space Tank just finished recording their 1st cd "SPACE TANK" . and have just entered the Emerganza festival . SPACE TANK once known by another name* (with some different members too)Have been gigging around Toronto (Opera House / Rivoli / Sneeky Dees /Lees Palace /Silver Dollar/ ect)We have even done acoustic sets ..the music translates exceptionally. To fill out our sound we use a Midi Guitar ( any sounds we want out of a guitar) Every audience we have had is blown away by it (it helps that it is a homemade double neck Bass/Guitar pics on all our sites).
SPACE TANK have a D.I.Y attitude .our cd's, websites have all been done by the band members.Our Tee shirts were silkscreened by our bass player. We are serious about SPACE TANK and every show brings us more support from all quarters (not being identifiable with a specific genre seems to make people more at ease to enjoy ...especially other bands).
Our influences in no particular order
Jimi Hendrix, Captain Beefheart & The magic band, John Frusciante, Hawkwind, Thrice, Rise Against, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Wolfmother, John Lee Hooker, Bob Dylan, The Rolling Stones, The White Stripes , The Cult

*SPACE TANK previously known as "Waiting for oiseaux"


Space Tank- Self Titled
(8 songs all can be heard on WWW.SPACETANK.CA / /

Set List

Masqueraded, You and Your Problems, Intergalactic Space Tank, Palace in Bombay, Walk Away, Bo Diddley's Illusion Van, Why Don't You Come With Me?, Sewer Grate, Kwick, When Anna met T.J. ,Early Obituary,
NO COVERS as of yet .
We change our set for every show ,order and amount of songs ..
We do mainly electric numbers but we have done acoustic (two piece) and can do a acoustic three piece.