From the future Spacecity, Spacetruckers are awaiting the Spaceport. Having been stranded here for too many years listening to the wimpy sceams of "emo" artist and the guitar reduced to a sound sample and force fed to earthlings via radio waves. Until then our battle vs. the "acceptors" continues.


The SpaceTruckers are four friends and musicians who have finally found the combination that works. We began playing together seriously in early 2005, coming from different backgrounds and bands, but having known each other as friends for a long time.

The SpaceTruckers are a raw, driving, stoner rock band with a deep groove, american anti-pop. It is what we like, written to our own standards, and everyone’s who wants to share in it. Our influences are definitely apparent, and include Black Sabbath, Thin Lizzy, Clutch, Pantera, Fu Manchu, Queens of the Stone Age, Kyuss, Foo Fighters, Zack Wylde, Jimi Hendrix, Deep Purple, Alice in Chains, Sound Garden, … you get the point.

Playing live is like getting a tattoo – you do it once and you can’t stop.

Las Cruces, NM is our home. We are currently working, writing and playing. You can catch us at one of these venues locally: El Patio-Mesilla NM, The Ramada Palms-Las Cruces, NM, Hurricane Alley-Las Cruces, NM, Q-time-Las Cruces, NM, Zeppelins Pub- El Paso, TX, Lucky Devils- El Paso, TX, The Drifter- Silver City, NM.

SpaceTruckers recorded our 9 track CD, Snowplow, at Nasty Cactus Studios in Las Cruces, NM in August 2006. We are currently writing for our second CD.

SpaceTruckers are:

Atom Ostland – Vocals and Bass
Chris Gallegos – Drums
Todd Thomas – Guitar and Vocals
Michael S. Weir – Guitar and Vocals

Web contact:



Written By: SpaceTruckers

You don't even know
The rain has turned to snow
The pain is hot and slow

You will feel it too
Frozen solid too
Your face is turnin blue

Ice in your goatee
Your teeth are chatterin
Soon you'll be in need

Got no time to wait for the sun to come
Dry up all of my snow
Got not time to watch the seasons change
This strange chill has got to go


Written By: SpaceTruckers

For havin nothin to say
You sure do talk a lot
It comes right off of your tongue
Without any thought

Say you can't face the world
With who you really are
With that frame of mind
You will not get too far

You never made a mistake
The time you thought that you did
It turned out that you were wrong
You had it right all along

If your arms could grow longer
So would the fish
Just cause your'e servin up shit
Don't mean I want a dish

Jaws of Life

Written By: SpaceTruckers

The sound of the cars still keeps me awake
Well I know that the scars aren't goin away
Well I got a Chrysler emblem burned into my skin
A shard of safety glass embedded into my chin

Well I still feel the sting of my airbag rash
Well I think you left some teeth on the top of the dash
Well I smell fire - we've gotta escape
Can't open the door cause it's bent outta shape

You got the jaws of life
They got no use
I think that you like the abuse
Of life
You got so used
I think that you like the abuse

You didn't make the turn but your hubcap did
Don't you know you're supposed to turn into a skid?
Well I love the way you drive man -
You always go fast
Never use the rearview mirror -
Don't look into the past


Our 9 song EP, Snowplow, was released in August 2006. We have 3 songs streaming on our myspace site from the EP - Earbanger, China Bath and Fudd Fandango. Additionally, Earbanger and China Bath have been played on local radio stations in the area.

Set List

This is the set list from our last show:

Jaws of Life
The Heist
China Bath
Alternate Futures
Fairies Wear Boots - Black Sabbath
Black Elvis
Fudd Fandango