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"Friday, 19 June 2009 Spacewalk - Evolution Road"

When not bouncing between Scotland, Switzerland, Italy and Ghana Spacewalk spend their time producing some atmospheric, funky and catchy tunes. A truly global band in nature as well as sound their eclectic mix of acid jazz, funk and pop works well to create a distinctive and contemporary sound. Incorporating euro pop with African dance music due to a blend of percussion, bass, drums and keyboard, there is certainly something here for everyone. 2009 sees Spacewalk release their fifth studio album Evolution Road, which has brought together artists from South America, Europe and Africa re-enforcing their universal values. Though their carbon footprint may not be something to brag about their air miles account will certainly make touring easier in the coming years. - Hubbub UK: Album reviews and live music


2009 Evolutionroad
2007 United Spacewalk Arrows
2002 Malibalebow
2001 Salmon Crackhead
1997 Figure it out



SPACEWALK an international band, changing in time staying faithfully real!
Spacewalk moves to different countries and continents... to implement the project "Transculturation", where music and ideas of one culture (or mix of culture) influences and become incorporated into the music and ideas of another culture...Transculturation is musical expression of Spacewalk's anthropological research!

Spacewalk is produced by "roadmusic productions ". Founded by Marco Romano between Scotland and Switzerland in 1997; based in Italy, Switzerand, Ghana and since 2008 Bamako, Mali / Westafrika .

The Story of Spacewalk began in Switzerland 1997 with the release of the first album "Figure it out":

From a dirty bass line to an emotive soul vocal, Spacewalk demonstrate a nice line in catchy funk with a disciplenesque twist. Sun (Happy Birthday Chuck) goes to prove that these guys are not merely one trick ponies as they verge towards a poppier territory. Spacewalk have a really 'up' vibe and would definitely benefit from some top-notch production.

2000/2001 Spacewalk evolved on the road to Scotland / Glasgow to a harder rock style... follow the story on the second Spacewalk Album "Salmon Crackhead"! The Scottish mystic culture with his great Music and Musicians catapulted Spacewalk in a project which was called "GlasgoTogo". The Idea to drive from Glasgow to Togo by road and reloading the travel by music and rhythms was getting real in the following years...

From the year 2002 till 2008 SPACEWALK is developping the anthropological World music project "Transculturation" , which can be heard in the following productions on the road to Westafrica "Malibalebow" and "United Spacewalk Arrows".

In 2009 SPACEWALK will be releasing The 5th Album "Evolutionroad". Different Artists from CUBA, MALI, BURKINA FASO and EUROPE coming together on this Album to give some results and explanations to the "Transculturation-Process" in the world society through the universal language "Music".

Transculturation and cross-cultural development is a phenomenum which is happening now and is influencing everybody on the whole planet. It will evolve in the future with enhancing velocity:

People, Cultures and Traditions will come and melt can be good or bad. It only depends on ourself and unfortunately also by the world-leaders...are they able to give the right adapted goals. Are they able to stop this old economical system (which doesn't work anymore) and create a new one. Are we able to share and love?!


by Marco Romano/roadmusic productions

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