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Seattle, Washington, United States | Established. Jan 01, 2013 | SELF

Seattle, Washington, United States | SELF
Established on Jan, 2013
Band Metal Funk


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"SpaceWaster - Whatever, Forever Review"

Combining multiple slightly related ideas into a strange new concoction yields varying results within the metal realm. Seattle trio, SPACEWASTER, takes its sophomore venture infusing progressive funk metal into their own wicked brew for their latest album, “Whatever, Forever”. Judging a book by its cover, we see creativity and left-field comedy’s laborious brainchild on the album art. Don’t waste too much effort interpreting this information into a coherent meaningful message, lest you become part of the joke.

SPACEWASTER kick off the party in the title track, “Whatever, Forever”, with unassuming guitar cordage giving way to up tempo riffing and entrance of the rhythm section. Bass lines are up in this mix, as they should be for any respectable funk trio, and production is appropriate for the aesthetic that these three just don’t give a F**K. All things considered, it’s refreshing to hear Meatpie’s strong bass play. SPACEWASTER offers grooving funk and progressive combinations throughout the title track, including a soulful guitar solo section and a triumphant crescendo into the album’s first thrash beats. This is when the vocals really fall in line and the three lock in. Gang vocals throughout the funk sections transition to a free flowing punk scream session like a cyclone circle pit. A well-laid foundation for the tracks ahead.

There’s a unique ebb and flow of style within the opening tracks of this sophomore release. Intricate guitar picking, mixed with thick bass pops and slaps, drive funk laden grooves sandwiching thrash licks. Each prong of the SPACEWASTER attack grooves hard, but the sonic mesh wears thin in the transition. Expect the unexpected in these funky prog metal tracks, and that also includes a few let downs in structuring.

The fourth track, “Astrolabe”, initiates the strong second half of the seven-song album in whimsical chord medley instrumental. The final songs on the album take the power trio’s talents to the far out realms of creativity. Funk-heavy, “Static on My Blindside”, offers more twists and turns and some of the most feeling vocals on the album, as well as the catchiest guitar riff within.

Two lengthy tracks close the album out once again with flare and off the wall styling. Bouncing between raw thrash blasting and punchy progressive riffing finally closing out on bright surfer trilling. “Whatever, Forever” proved to be a fun and effortless listen with a wide range of influences and quality chops. What the album lacks in structure and hooks, the band makes up in pop culture referencing and genre splicing. - CC Spearhead, Metal Temple

"Seattle's SpaceWaster Is The Next Great Seattle Band"

A meticulous and naturally progressing combination of megafunk and hard core rock and roll will get anyone’s hips swaying and smiling. In Seattle, one group of young men are attracting more and more attention in the underground music scene. Don’t let their name fool you though, these guys are far from a waste of space. Roll up some Sour Diesel, grab a beer and throw back a shot of whiskey because SpaceWaster’s hard-driving sound is going to get you banging your head and kicking in the mosh pit in no time. Strong funk bass lines hold down a unique heavy-duty sound that twangs into face-melting metal goodness. So be prepared to rock-and-roll at the next SpaceWaster show and high five these rad guys as they pass through and funk the music up in your city this summer.

Currently out on tour supporting their new album Whatever, Forever this trio from Seattle is fusing the sounds of Frank Zappa and George Clinton with Les Claypool and throwing a dash of Pennywise and The Ventures in to even it all out. Sonically, that sounds like a lot, and it is. But SpaceWaster is able to make a stand up bass rock and get you right out of your seat and onto the dance floor. SpaceWaster's lead singer Meatpie wrote CULTURE via email saying that “The tour is going fantastic . . . we haven’t killed each other yet, the new album is flying off the proverbial shelf and we’re getting our feet wet quite nicely in the national scene.”

A lot of local Seattle musicians have been making a major impact on the national music scene again, so it’s good to see that the local heavy metal and rock scenes are still producing good music despite the closure of local classic venues like The Funhouse. Seattle is one of today’s most dynamic music cities, where a rich history inspires new generations of musical INNOVATION.

Seattle’s music community is fiercely independent and is still constantly recognized as cutting edge while still keeping the roots of Northwest music traditions alive. SpaceWaster is a quintessential Northwest, pushing and pulling the boundaries that define genres and sounds. Seattle CONTINUES to carry a strong D.I.Y. attitude ingrained in every aspect of the Northwest character—and one that has energized our artists through the decades.

When asked about their thoughts on the newly legalized recreational cannabis laws in Washington State, drummer Eric had this to say, “I smoke weed recreationally and the ever changing legality of weed hasn’t really affected me much,” he says. “As long as they keep a ridiculous tax on legal weed I probably will just continue to purchase it illegally from local, trustworthy growers. I do support the legalization movement in general though, because it’s extremely fucked up that people face JAIL time for smoking a little bit of weed. However, the commercialization of weed—I’m not too stoked on.”

SpaceWaster's new album Whatever, Forever tip their hat to the great lo-fi jazz stylings that came out of the ’80s and ’90s indie rock scene, while funking up the angst and excitement of modern day subgenres. These are three guys who are amped about making boundary-pushing music that engages all your senses and gets you moving. - Tyler Markwart, Culture Magazine


Highly Efficient Rock 'N' Roll EP, September 25th, 2012

SpaceWaster (self-titled), May 21st, 2013

Whatever, Forever, June 13th, 2014

BADABINGUS!, June 18th, 2015



Comically misunderstood, daringly innovative and loyal to the funk.

With a track record that holds its own against any relevant Seattle act out there, SpaceWaster has managed to become one of Seattle's best kept secrets. Characterized by a volcanic assault of funk bass, Zappa-influenced zaniness, crusty d-beat madness and everything in between, the power trio is never hesitant to coalesce different genres in a sometimes manic manner, and most importantly, they will be the last ones to take it too seriously.

Founded in 2012 by bassist Ben "Meatpie" Fisher and guitarist Isaac Lubanko, with Eric Harris on drums, SpaceWaster currently boasts three full length releases, two west coast tours and two U.S. tours. Some say they're too punk for the metal scene, and some say they're too metal for the punk scene. Who gives a shit? These guys are FREAKS. Strict students of the DIY ethic, and one of the hardest working bands on the circuit today.
Keep an eye out for them on the road, and stream all of their LP releases on their BandCamp:

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