Seattle, Washington, USA

Surfy, thrashy, proggy funk punk/d-beat/crossover.


Comically misunderstood, daringly innovative and loyal to the funk.

With a track record that holds its own against any relevant Seattle act out there, SpaceWaster has managed to become one of Seattle's best kept secrets. Characterized by a volcanic assault of funk bass, Zappa-influenced zaniness, crusty d-beat madness and everything in between, the power trio is never hesitant to coalesce different genres in a sometimes manic manner, and most importantly, they will be the last ones to take it too seriously.

Founded in 2012 by bassist Ben "Meatpie" Fisher and guitarist Isaac Lubanko, with Eric Harris on drums, SpaceWaster currently boasts three full length releases, two west coast tours and two U.S. tours. Some say they're too punk for the metal scene, and some say they're too metal for the punk scene. Who gives a shit? These guys are FREAKS. Strict students of the DIY ethic, and one of the hardest working bands on the circuit today.
Keep an eye out for them on the road, and stream all of their LP releases on their BandCamp:


Highly Efficient Rock 'N' Roll EP, September 25th, 2012

SpaceWaster (self-titled), May 21st, 2013

Whatever, Forever, June 13th, 2014

BADABINGUS!, June 18th, 2015