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"Album Review by Big Smile Magazine"

Spades & Blades debut album, "Blood of the Innocent", can only be described as an epic synthesis of hardcore, metalcore, and hard rock. Averaging in at about 3.5 minutes, each song follows a similar format including heavy guitar riffs, metal core break downs, and complex guitar solos. The 10 song album is focused around Catholic and Christian theology's seven deadly sins and other mortal sins: Idolatry, Pride, Murder, Lies, Sloth, Blasphemy, Greed, Envy, Adultery, and Lust. Each lyrical verse offers deep personal and social reflections based around those sins. Fans of Comeback Kid, Avenged Sevenfold, Metallica, and modern hardcore will absolutely enjoy this album. "Blood of the Innocent" will have you head-banging as soon you hit play. Please, keep your arms and legs inside the vehicle at all times; this album will take you on a hell of a ride!

Spades & Blades was formed in 2006 by members of the seasoned Los Angeles punk band "The Havoc" consisting of Jason Todd on vocals, Josiah Wiswell on Lead Guitar, Justin Havoc on guitar, Garrett Rizzi on bass, and TJ Styles on drums. Check out Spades & Blades on the soon to release Big Smile Magazine compilation and watch their live set at the Bamboo Club October 23rd.
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Debut album Blood of the Innocent, 2010
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Formed in 2006, Spades & Blades was founded by veteran members of L.A. Street Punk band "The Havoc." Jason Todd, Josiah Wiswell, and Justin Havoc spent 5 years making records and touring the U.S., but eventually grew restless of the dwindling Punk scene. They decided it was time to pursue other musical influences, regroup, and rename. The next 4 years saw them experimenting with their favorite elements of Rock and Metal, searching for a way to combine them and create their own unique sound. After cutting countless demos,rotating drummers, bassists, and guitarists, all while playing every dive bar or all ages venue they could find, the music finally started to lock into place. The progressive song structures and metalcore overtones, blended with classic metal and hard rock melodies, began to define their sound. And true to their roots, the delivery of punk rock fury gave the songs a much more aggressive feel and a less polished sound favored by many current metalcore acts.

By the end of 2008, the band had completed enough material to start recording a debut. But the last few years had drained them financially and they had no budget for a record. Taking matters into their own hands, Jason and Josiah decided to turn the bands head quarters into a professional recording studio. They started gathering every piece of recording gear they could find and remodeled their rehearsal space to be suitable for the recording process. Once completed, the band quickly started pre-production on the songs to develop a more tangible perspective on the material. With a few adjustments made to the songs and a desire to solidify their vision for the record, Jason was appointed as head producer to guide the project, and Josiah assumed the head engineer position.

After nearly two years of recording, the album was finally completed. But not before the band went through many struggles as a group and as individuals. With the albums concept being based on the destruction of the human spirit once consumed by sin, members of the band found themselves living in a spiritual collapse. With the destruction of everything they had worked so hard to build becoming a serious threat, they stuck together and began to make changes in their lives, all while solidifying their friendships even further in the process. Blood Of The Innocent is not just a record, and It's more than an artistic or spiritual statement. It is their lives in the making.