Prescott, Arizona, USA

We are an extremely motivated band who has put all of our Energy, Money, Girlfriends, and Lives aside with the hopes to make something of our music. We are fully independent and are getting bigger and bigger every month that we play.

Playing Bonnaroo is a dream of ours and we will not let you down with our performance!


Spafford is a high energy, four-piece, funky jam rock band from Prescott, Arizona. Spafford's music is characterized by captivating vocal harmonies, catchy and unique riffs, proficient jam sessions, and solos from each member of the band.

This is a group that is passionately driven to reach people with their music. Spafford’s goal is to reignite an active music scene in Arizona that embraces the seemingly lost art of the jam. The boys are ready to get people together to dance and enjoy themselves and feed the fire that is the upcoming Arizona music scene.

Spafford has recently released a series of live albums that are available at no charge at their shows (soon to be available online). The band also takes requests of specific recordings from any show.


Know Your Place (Releasing May 2012)