Spaghetti Western String Co.

Spaghetti Western String Co.


Spaghetti Western String Co. creates progressive chamber music that combines banjo, mandolin, cello and clarinet. Their cinematic music can be as soft as a lullaby and as chaotic as a freight train coming down a mountain.


The Spaghetti Western String Co., is an instrumental acoustic quartet from Minneapolis, MN that began it's career in the winter of 2003. Their music is fit for film scores and at times bittersweet and chaotic. They are two-time recipiants of Minnesota Music Awards in 2005 and 2006 for "Eclectic Artist of the Year." The current line-up features Michael Rossetto (banjo, guitar), Nicholas Lemme (mandolin, guitar, voice), Ethan Sutton (cello), and Paul Fonfara (clarinet). They have performed on such stages as the Fitzgerald Theater in St. Paul, Orchestra Hall in Minneapolis, the Southern Theater and the Cedar Cultural Center in Minneapolis.

The quartet's 2004 release was largely a one-man record written by Rossetto entitled "Do Right By People." This recording featured the violin of Denise Guelker, the mandolin of Nicholas Lemme as well as a host of Twin Cities musicians including Travis Even who performed percussion and melodica with the group live. Do Right By People was named one of the Star Tribune's top 20 records of the year and City Pages named it in their top 10 of the year. In 2005, Ethan Sutton joined on cello and the group recorded, "Quiet Mob ep". This five-song release featured daring acoustic compositions including a sullen arrangement of "Luna Marinara," a traditional Italian folk-song. During this time the SWSCo. wrote two film scores, one for the 1934 epic, "Grass," and the second for the 1956 French Classic, "The Red Balloon." The scores were performed live with the films at the Square Lake Film/Music Festival in Stillwater, MN, the Greenman Festival in Duluth and the International Film Festival in the Twin Cities. In 2006, the String Co. collaborated with the "Live Action Set," a Minneapolis dance troupe, for a performance entitled "The Percussionist," (Walker Art Center: Momentum Dance Series) The weekend of performances took place at the Southern Theater in Minneapolis and merged live music, dance and theater.

In 2007, Paul Fonfara joined on as clarinetist taking over for the departure of Denise's violin. For the last year, the Spaghetti Western String Co. has been recording in Minneapolis, working up new pieces and also compiling songs from their two film scores, and "Percussionist" performances. Their latest recording Lull and Clatter is the group's proper full-length album that will be released on Februay 9th, 2008. With a host of Twin-Cities musicians joining the group on this recording, (17 to be exact), the Spaghetti Western String Co. presents us with their most daring and playful compositions to date.


'Do Right By People' - 2004 (Adonis/Listen Records)
'Quiet Mob ep' - 2005 (self-released)
'Lull and Clatter' - 2008 (self-released)

Set List

From 'Do Right By People' (2004):
Claus and Lucas
Sullivan's Ferry
Dusty Windowsills

From 'Quiet Mob ep' (2005):
Merton's Woods
Luna Marinara

From 'Lull and Clatter' (2008):
Beacon Waltz
The Once-ler
Hoof on the Rail
Ellesmere Island
Wayfaring Stranger
The Percussionist
Fresnel's Flea Circus
Uncle Roland the Inquisitive
Der Leiermann

Chitarra Romana (trad. Italian, arranged by Swsco.)
Exit Music (for a film) (Radiohead, arranged by Swsco.)
Eye of the Tiger (Survivor, arranged by Swsco.)

This is a sampling of our live performances. Our songs range from 3-8 minutes. Our sets are 45 minutes, with a 10 minute break in between.