Marc Spahn

Marc Spahn


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Coming at you from the rolling hills of the Ohio river valley is Marc Spahn and Victor Street. Writing songs since he was seventeen he has developed song craftmanship that can only be described as touchingly unique. His music stirs the embers of imagination to bring ones mind to flame. Growing up with a tremendous amount of influence from his father he was led to listen to great blues and classic rock artists such as Eric Clapton, Bob Dylan, Holwing Wolf, Bob Seger, Tom Petty, and the droves of other groups that dominated those eras. He also has influence from more contemporary songwriters like Josh Ritter, The White Stripes, and Jeff Tweedy.


Note to Self

Written By: Marc Spahn

Don't it feel like Christmas
Another year towards the stars
And I hope that you’ve missed us
Where ever you are
Come Back Come Back
There's so much left to do
Come Back Come Back
There's so much left to you
Come down from the clouds
I'm waiting down below
Let burn the shroud
That's poisoned you so
Take time don’t rush
Don’t hurry the things to come
Take time to hush
For your minds not the only one
Get back to the basics
Don’t overstep your stride
The cravings are healthy
But you must put more inside

Let now be the time
That you start on down the road
Let shine the face that’s never shown
Then you pick up all the pieces
Scattered about your feet
You know it’s never Ever
Ever been out of reach

Do not be so frightened
A new time’s on its way
Do your best to grow enlightened
If you take it day by day
And now that your attention
Is back for you to have
We could loose
Loose the tension
Things will never be that bad



Marc Spahn - Burning Bridges - 2007

Set List

2+ Hour Original Music

A few covers I do are:
Tom Petty - Mary Janes Last Dance
Pink Floyd - Wish You Were Here
Jimi Hendrix - The Wind Cries Mary
ZZ Top - Gimme All Your Lovin