Winchester, Massachusetts, USA

Electric jazz with an Italian flare. World rhythm,mediterranean melodies and a funk edge to it. Also available as a trio/quartet with and without vocals for any occasion where a more sophisticated sound is appreciated. Please check the "Unplugged" sound Files as well at the "Spajazzy" CD.


In 1998 Berklee College students Sergio Bellotti (Drums) and Tino D’Agostino (Bass) felt the urge to incorporate the melodic music background of their native country (Italy) with the idioms of Jazz rhythms and harmonies they were learning and breathing in North America. After few months of rehearsals and writing, the first acclaimed Cd was recorded in Ny with the special appearance of guitar legend Mike Stern.
The album become quickly a classic fusion all over the internet as well as in large music retails outlet and was favorably reviewed by many specialized jazz fusion website.
Bill Milkowski wrote on JazzTimes (May 2000) :

The best way to describe the Spajazzy’ Sound is : Italian flavored melodies with contemporary Jazz rhythms and harmonies.
Now faculty members at Berklee College of Music and acclaimed worldwide clinicians and performers, Bellotti and D’Agostino continue to perform worldwide with Spajazzy as well as sidemen with names such as Bob James, Robben Ford ,Nathan East among others. Spajazzy performs in various formats from acoustic trio to electric quintet and even larger ensemble with full size horn section.



Written By: Sergio Bellotti

Sento gia' profumo di te
e nell'aria questa sera
respiro jazz
il sole sempre splende a napoli
e l'america sepolta di stelle..lo sai

Mi chiedo se mai Mr Coltrane
fosse vissuto a pozzuoli bevendo caffe'
E quando viene sera se ne va con la melodia

A rtimo di jazz
A ritomo di Jazz
bevendo Caffe'


-CD "spajazzy"-1999 feat. Mike Stern
-new cd Al dente estimated release date spring 2009
-Dvd Live At Berklee perfomance Center-Boston
-Dvd Live at Vernissage.

Set List

mostly original material written by Sergio Bellotti and Tino D'Agostino and Steve Hunt
but also many classics. We Always blend the original with the well known for your listening pleasure.

-downton boston--original by Bellotti Dagostino a la Brecker Brothers/Mike Stern

-Mr D-original by Bellotti a la yellow jackets/fourplay/david sanborn

-1 22 contemporary funk fusion

- Estate--arrangement of a great ballad. Spajazzy does it with a nice world bossa beat and sax lead and/or vocals.

Scherzo--a rendition to the tradition-original by Bellotti- Jazz with a stong defined classic swing pulse and vocabulary

Bpc Blues- be boppish med up jazz/blues tune written by Tino D'Agostino

St Thomas-intricated yet very easy listening arrangement of a Sonny Rollins evergreen classic.

I wish by stevie wonder feat Chris Waller on vocals

and many more.....
SPAJAZZY UNPLUGGED (acoustic trio/quartet)
we cover gershwin,cole porter,miles davis,dave brubek and