Spalding Rockwell

Spalding Rockwell


Meet Spalding Rockwell, two hot NYC chicks with attitude & the talent to back it up! Their live performance presents two distinct female voices backed by electric drums, guitars, keys and bass. Spalding Rockwell's dynamic live show combines equal parts punk, electro and pop & it’s downright nasty!



Meet Spalding Rockwell (AKA ML and Nikki) - two hot NYC chicks with attitude and the talent to back it up!

The truth is, you’ve probably been introduced to Spalding Rockwell without even realizing it. Have you heard Armand Van Helden’s chart topping smash single “Hear My Name?” We know you have. Well, the girls lent their vocals to the witchdokta’s infectious track and are at the center of what makes it truly rock. Who can possibly forget the chorus? Spalding Rockwell also appear in the music video for the track and are at the center of a devilishly funny spanking controversy!

All spanks aside, ML and Nikki are serious about their music. ML grew up in New York City on heavy doses of Hip-Hop; namely Black Sheep, Cypress Hill and Wu-Tang Clan. Later, she found classic rock artists including Led Zeppelin and Jimi Hendrix as a major source of her inspiration. Nikki grew up in Washington, D.C. and was heavily into Fugazi and the city’s punk scene. Her sister frequently dragged her out to hot spots like Tracks and the 930 Club to see artists like Dead Milkmen (her first concert) and a “Go” era Moby. Friends for over a decade, ML and Nikki formed the band over the dissatisfaction of where life was taking them.

Spalding Rockwell first gained attention as a featured act on Larry Tee’s electroclash circuit, and subsequently released the track “White Cotton Panties” on 2002’s Badd Inc. compilation. Being associated with the burgeoning electroclash scene also afforded the girls the opportunity to perform live on a big stage and to develop a fan base of NYC scenesters. However, Spalding Rockwell was never about just being an electroclash act or being pigeonholed into anyone genre. Leaving electroclash to the hipsters in Brooklyn, Spalding Rockwell have been hard at work fine-tuning a sound that combines equal parts punk, electro and pop - It’s downright nasty. Think of it as Peaches times two without the fuck you’s.

Years of banging at the door results in the debut LP Kate; entirely written, performed and produced by the technically adept ML and Nikki. It hits you right away like a ton of bricks, as crunching metal chords meet nasty vocals on opening track, “Ingrid” and doesn’t let up again until the last track, “Outro” expires. Other notable tracks include “Masha,” a dirty little girl of a song, supported by a raw, black lipstick electro-vibe; “Vicious,” a perfect track for the dance floor, kicking it hard with seductive vocals and a deep beat that keeps you shaking; and “Kissing,” an electro anthem for naughty boys and girls that like to have some fun. Turn up the bass for the full effect.

Spalding Rockwell’s live performance presents two distinctly female voices backed by electric drums, guitars, keys and bass. It’s not just a bunch of nice looking girls singing over a tape player. We’ve seen that many times before. Spalding Rockwell is different - they present a dynamic live show that’s balls-to-the-wall rock n’ roll. ML and Nikki wouldn’t have it any other way.

You’ll get your chance to see the Spalding Rockwell live show later this summer when they embark on an extensive North American tour in support of Kate. Come check them out soon, because its only a matter of time before they blow things up. You don’t want to miss it!

It’s been a pretty wild ride for Spalding Rockwell. They’ve conquered electroclash, they are a big part of arguably the hottest dance single of the year and they are about to release their own album. Oh, we forgot to mention that they can be seen as part of a national Ben Sherman print campaign. Remember, ML and Nikki are really nice to look at in addition to being really talented musicians (pictures and additional information can be found at

…This is only the beginning…


KATE: LP; Defend Records. Aug. 2004

Hear My Name: Single; Written and performed by
Armand Van Helden & Spalding Rockwell. Tommy Boy Silver Label

Je T'Appelle; Written & Performed by Armand Van Helden & Spalding Rockwell

Je T'Appelle/Hear My Name: Single, IndepenDance Records, FRANCE, Nov. 2004

Vicious: Single; Written & Performed by Spalding Rockwell

Electroslash 2002 Compilation: Mogul Electro Records, Dec. 2003

White Cotton Panties: Single; Vocals written, engineered, and performed by Spalding Rockwell. Written by Spalding Rockwell, G. Cohen, and C. Lynch, and R. Wine

Badd Inc: Luxury, Excess, Extravigence; Mogul Electrro Records, 2003

Daughter LP entitled SKIN: Aum Fidelity Records, May 2003

Set List

Ingrid, Masha, Vicious, Boy, Nina, Kissing, Flake, Karahi, Cocaine, Bad Bad Thing, Touch It, Outro, White Cotton Panties.

Set Length: approximately 1 hour