Spanish Bombs

Spanish Bombs


Our music is direct, high-energy, angular dance pop. Three guitars, stage antics, and anthemic hooks. Dance drums, swift yet suave bass.


Caldwell = ex-Bubblegum Complex, ImagineAsians, more...
Danial = ex-Velcro Stars
Josh Minyard = plays in The Jannisary, Roy D.B., Angus Whyte and the Rednecks, and Thimble Collective
Ryan Green = Thimble Collective, 789 (dj group), ex-Set It On Fire

Songs grew from jamming with each other and soon, the party began. The main goal of the project is to have fun on and off stage and exercise as much musical influences and directions as possible.


Recording Now

Set List

Last show played - approx 25 mins. (short set):

1. Electric
2. Down-Low
3. Stalker Song
4. Call and Response
5. I Know
6. Nashville Theme

Additional 7-9 minutes (regular set)
7. Change
8. Train

Average set runs 35 minutes.