There are many rock / dance cover bands that are fun and energetic. There are many that are composed of solid proficient musicians who are well studied, exerienced and add creative flair all their own to boot. But few bands possess all of the above....until now...SPANK!! Time to start the party!!



The members of SPANK are adamant about providing energetic music entertainment to audience’s young and old alike. Playing popular rock, dance and top 40, covers from the 70’s to present day makes SPANK a popular attraction at any club, corporate event or festival. Please review our current set list included within this package. SPANK is constantly reviewing and updating the set list to ensure an appealing and exciting agenda. Though the band performs most songs with a rock edge, it is emphasized that all material maintain a pocket groove and danceable rhythm, making the set enticing to it’s attending dance-seeking audience.

SPANK is composed of 6 musicians, all with an extensive professional musical performance background. The band was established more than 10 years ago, and has been through several iterations and configurations through the years. Though each version of the band has been popular, the current lineup is considered to be the strongest.

Danny McReynolds fronts the band with an energetic stage show, strong vocal tones and techniques, and audience grasping serenades. Introducing Krystall Edell, who will entrance you and blow you away with her soulful, colorful phrashing, and a tone that is simply hypnotic. Chris Dunn provides tight rhythm guitar along with melodic clean lead guitar that is always on track with the original artist tracks which frequently includes a special twist and flair all his own.

The drummer is Matt Padgett who also is careful to maintain original beats and flavors of the original artist tracks. Like Chris, Matt has an abundance of experience and influences which he uses to spice up songs in appropriate spots, making for a very entertaining performance even if there are those who do not wish to dance and prefer to just listen to the band. Our newest member - Jeff Bay....great chops, silky backgrounds and smokin' fills. In addition to backing vocals, Jeff certainly adds great compliments to the rhythm section! Joe Birtola rounds out the ensemble with tasteful and always interesting groove oriented support for the rhythm section on bass guitar and throws in supporting vocals to boot.

SPANK is a cover band unlike others in that it has a personality all it’s own. After taking in a show, you will feel that you have been thoroughly entertained, and that you had “no idea it was that late!”!

Time to start the party!

Set List

Spank's setlist is diverse and recognizable. We make sure that the majority of our setlist is composed of well known songs by well known artist. From Eddie Money, to John Cougar, to Heart, to Journey, to Lynard Skynard to Sheryl Crow, To Gamma to Van Hallen, to Pearl Jam, to Wild Cherie and Black Eyed Peas to the Beatles to Joe Cocker.....the mix is good for a wide range of audiences and always goes over well.