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New York City, New York, United States | INDIE

New York City, New York, United States | INDIE
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Spanking Charlene @ The Bowery Electric

New York, New York, USA

New York, New York, USA

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Spanking Charlene @ The Ding Dong Lounge

New York, New York, USA

New York, New York, USA

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Where Are the Freaks?’ is a fun and energizing album to listen to, and the band didn’t even find a moment to slow down as it is often the case for such incendiary and explosive stuff. But if you want to have your raw-real moment of good old rock’ n’ roll, just blast this from your home,… open your window and your neighbors will thank you.

Spanking Charlene’s stock in trade is a combination of rock and punk together with intelligent, often feminist lyrics. On this record, lead singer Charlene McPherson’s pristine vocals are mixed up front and with clarity and presence, while guitarist Mo Goldner provides both a snarling punk guitar and trades off leads with Eric Ambel. Where Are the Freaks? contains a generous helping of Spanking Charlene music, 14 tracks worth, clocking in at about 45 minutes. Two songs were produced by Steve Van Zandt, with the rest of the album produced by Eric Ambel. I did not hear a better straight ahead rock album this year. -

Spanking are raw, passionate, and engaging - The Aquarian (10-10-12)

The guitar growl of Mo Goldner and the hellcat attitude and luscious vocals of Charlene McPherson gives a sexy persona to Spanking Charlene’s début album Dismissed With A Kiss. The songs of McPherson and Goldner maneuver from slutty blues to country amblers propelled by a guitar strut and paired with a succulent belting of lyrics, that makes you feel all the right kinds of dirty. The musical equivalent of a juke joint Beauty and The Beast, this New York based team has the keen ability to lock into each other, in spite of the CD’s wide musical diversity, thus revealing a rich depth to their musical relationship.
The swinging prowl of “Pussy is Pussy” is intoxicating, telling its bawdy truth steeped in barroom sexual politics and infused with the slightest of wah-wah psychedelics. While the strolling country demeanor of “Easy to be Sad” and “Behind” reveals McPherson’s inner country singer with all the gumption and loveliness of Lucinda Williams without the gravelly twang. Meanwhile Goldner takes to his work with pure veal, framing in this album with his sturdy guitar, building an unshakable structure on which McPherson can lay her lovely voice.
With diverse roots that run as deep as legendary Memphis Minnie and wide as the risqué blues of Candye Kane, Dismissed with a Kiss covers the gambit of musical pedigree while maintaining a high quality throughout the CD’s unique stable of songs. Even the influence of Elvis is undeniable in “When Things Were New,” one of the most energetic rockers of the album, playing like a jazzed up version of “Blue Suede Shoes” to which Goldner lends lead vocals.

Like a match made in Heaven, Spanking Charlene is leading off with an amazing first album. Showing a diverse pallet from which they’ll surely harvest more in the future, Goldner and McPherson are certainly a band to keep your eye on. The most telling sign of their talent for me is that weaker tracks such as “Field Trip” stand out not because of their weaknesses but because of the strength of the songs that surround it and even they begin to grow on you in time.

- AudioMeatus (Portland, Oregon March 2007)

In my opinion, girl power doesn't just come from speaking in favor of women's rights and reproaching misogynistic behavior. It also comes from women roaring if they're pissed, saying to hell with ladylike etiquette, and telling you the things you don't want to hear in a way you dont expect to hear. In this respect, Charlene McPherson of Spanking Charlene represents the ultimate feminist. Spanking Charlene will perform at NYC's Lakeside Lounge on April 17.
"I was sick of etting excited to go out and see some great live music, only to find some sensitive, acoustic guitar playing girl baring her soul to the audience and putting me to sleep in the process," McPherson has said. She changed that by creating Spanking Charlene in 2005 and using music to vent about misogyny and the unrealistic expectations for women in the media.
Her lates album, Dismissed with a Kiss, was officially released on April 3 and produced by Eric "Roscoe" Ambel, who promptly started booking the band at his Lakeside Lounge after being impressed with their first demo. The album features unapologetic and brutally honest lyrics sung with McPherson's southern sounding clear voice over a mix of classic rock and punk.
Lakeside Lounge is located at 162 Ave. B. The show starts at 7pm and there is no cover charge. For more info, check out or - Aquarian Weekly/East Coast Rocker (April 2007)

I wouldn’t think a setting as aggressively urban as New York City would be conducive to making kickass Americana, but Spanking Charlene obviously disagrees. Dismissed With a Kiss is a wonderfully appealing bucket of rocking guitar-driven roots music, where blues, country and good ol ‘ rock & roll get an infusion of punk energy and downhome soul. Guitarist Mo Goldner spanks (sorry) the plank with taste and fire, and singer Charlene McPherson adds just enough bitter anger to her pretty voice to banish sentimentality forever. “I Hate Girls,” “Easy to Be Sad” and “We’re All Gonna Die” put attitude next to aptitude in a brash, super-catchy way, while “Behind” strips away the sardonicism for pure heart-on-sleeve emotional punch. Good stuff, regardless of location. Michael Toland - HIBIAS.COM

Spanking Charlene – dismissed with a kiss
12 Tracks - 38:36 min album of the month february 2007
Eric “Roscoe” Ambel as a producer stands for quality. The debut of the band fronted by Charlene McPherson and with Mo Goldner on guitar (these two have written all the songs) is really great. Something from all styls and everything good. Starting with the punky “I hate girls” (what kind of words from a lady), bringing rockers like “Fidgety” and ballads like “Easy to be sad”. More Highlights on this entertaining album: “Red Rolling Papers”, “when things were new” und “we´re all gonna die”.
Like allways when he produces Roscoe himself plays on most of the songs the guitar and he also brouhgt his Yayhoos-friend Keith Christopher as bass player.
Official release date: 3. April 2007 – buy it! Our album of the month – no doubt about it!

- (Germany February 20070


Dismissed with Kiss CD released April 3rd 2007
"Dismissed with Kiss" single released May 3rd 2011 by Wicked Cool Records
"Canarsie" single released September 12th 2011 by Wicked Cool Records.
"Where are the Freaks" CD released on January 17th 2012 on



And the winner is....Spanking Charlene” announced Little Steven Van Zandt, longtime Bruce Springsteen guitarist, Soprano and Underground Garage guru at the finals of SiriusXM's year-long “Best Unsigned Band in America” contest. As a result of winning, the band went into the studio and recorded two singles, first,
“DISMISSED WITH A KISS” , and now “CANARSIE”, which which are both available as digital downloads from the Wicked Cool Records online store and iTunes. Both singles are included on Spanking Charlene’s 2nd album “Where are the Freaks?”
(produced by Eric “Roscoe” Ambel) was released on January 17th, 2012. It is available for download at
"Where are the Freaks" was picked as the best record of 2012 by both the NYC music website, nowi' and the German website
Spanking Charlene is a New York City based soul-punk band whose music combines the powerful, dynamic vocals of Charlene McPherson with hard driving
guitar grooves, catchy hooks, and lyrics about life and love in New York City. The band's first album was released in 2007. They have been mentioned in stories in both the The New York Times and The Wall Street Journal.