Spanky McLean

Spanky McLean


A gifted pianist with a penchant for the unexpected, Spanky McLean offers fresh takes on jazz standards, instrumental renditions of popular songs, and striking original music, incorporating elements of classical, blues, ragtime, and popular piano in an improvisitory mood. An artist's artist.


I am walking off a cliff. I bought the security myth, and worked carefully in a corporate prison for 9 years. But the purchase has never really satisfied. I can't return it anymore. 30 days, no sell-backs. So I'm set to burn it. But I will work for you, if you will let me play...

The artists I would call influences are artists with backbone and tenacity and mutability. Miles Davis. Bob Dylan. Joni Mitchell. Peter Gabriel. Radiohead. As a pianist, I am attracted to the instrument's innovators. Beethoven. Debussy. Ruben Gonzales. Brad Mehldau. Hiromi. But I don't play like any of them.