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Hollywood, Florida, United States

Hollywood, Florida, United States
Band Pop Singer/Songwriter


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"Musician Sings w/Wisdom + Wit"

It's hard to believe +Spanx T. Urquhart, a self-described musical chameleon, was once a timid child.

The gregarious songwriter is not shy about sharing his talents. Urquhart has carved out a career in bands and now as a solo artist, bringing his easy-going manner and easy-listening tunes to stages around South Florida.

"I find music to be the best therapy in the world," he said. "When I was growing up, writing songs made me feel more confident and much better about everything... I enjoyed sharing the tragic and funny experiences of a bad romance or friendship because the inspired music would often create a bond with others..."

A U.S. Air Force brat who traveled the world with his family, Urquhart said he channels his global experiences into a mix of pop and rock-tinged numbers. His lyrics convey wit and wisdom snared from real life and the headlines.

"There are unsung stories within most every situation," the Hollywood resident said. "I always hope to meet interesting people so that I can provide a soundtrack to their lives..."

Urquhart is breaking new ground by transforming his quirky sense of humor into a sideline writing parodies. He said his first effort, the 2006 political spoof God Luv Ya G. Dub'ya, has won several songwriting awards and opened many doors on the talk radio-morning show circuit.

Urquhart described his latest release, Chanukah Bop, as an amusing take on the Jewish Festival of Lights, with Elvis-style vocals and original words set to the rhythms of Jingle Bell Rock.

For more information, go to www.reverbnation.com/StarlandGopherBand

- Beth Feinstein-Bartl
- South Florida Sun-Sentinel - Dec. 18, 2009

"...And The Meek Shall Inherit The Band"

+Spanx songs have always struck a chord with fans and music critics alike... but his latest material convey new choices, potential and promise as he’s discovered a very personal kind of storytelling with his lyrics.
“I’ve often considered myself the Woody Allen of pop music...” +Spanx laughs, “Lately, I find myself appreciating the bad relationships more than the good ones... there are so many great stories to tell... how can you not appreciate such over-all experience?” He jokes, “I really hope to do with music what he [Allen] does with film...”
Although many of +Spanx' lyrics regard relationships and surviving the consequences, the protagonists in his songs are not so typical in merely wishing for or giving undue affection. They are often ethical people who (in most cases) demand an explanation or understanding of what has taken place...
Music critic Randolph Fringe wrote, “...his heroes don’t always want to reconcile with a disloyal friend or the treacherous girl but they insist on answers and accountability...”
Like so many of his characters, +Spanx continually searches for those small but powerful life events to reveal who we truly are... at our most beautiful or very ugliest moments, to catch us in a heroic or vulnerable stance. His forthcoming album benefits from such diversity and showcases his writing talents with songs like “World’s Greatest Rebound,” “More Green Than Violet,” “Everything’s Changed,” “Truth Be Known,” and “King Timbes Tempest” just to name a few... +Spanx will be drawing on several of his musical influences to co-produce this new album with partners Brian Campbell and Russ Ben-ezzer of Stepbrother Productions.
“These guys are masters of their elements like so many of my favorite artists... Sting, Seal, Jimmy Jam & Terry Lewis, The Beatles, Thomas Dolby, Rush, Herb Alpert & The Tijuana Brass...” +Spanx mused, “I would love to have been a fly on the wall during any one of their recording sessions... just imagine the vibe and the late night snacks...”
A true seeker, +Spanx is indeed the product of his collective experience, relating the simplest of personal adventures with savvy wit and his original soundtracks... thus far, it has resulted in a limited partnership with Stepbrother Productions and some financial backing to complete a new album due for release sometime next year.

- Kevin McElroy
- The Chocolate Milk Tribune ~ fall 2008

"New Music Spotlight - July 2009 Edition"

+Spanx T. Urquhart is making music that fans will instantly enjoy. He possesses a unique style that many can not label. In this recent spotlight with the entertainer, +Spanx T. Urquhart speaks candidly about the music industry, his music, and everything else in between.

JCOM: What was the best part of 2008 for you musically?

+Spanx: The videos... '08 was the first time I worked the opposite side of a camera lens and I absolutely dig it... directing, lighting, editing and performing ~ I was given a crash-course in guerrilla filmmaking while spending the better part of last year making some fun music videos. My last two projects propelled us into the political arena by bringing a national spotlight to my award-winning song parody "God Luv Ya, G. Dub'ya!" ~ an irreverent, disingenuous homage to George W. Bush which caught the attention of The Huffington Post ~

JCOM: What do you feel was your biggest accomplishment for 2008?

+Spanx: Directing my first music video was quite a challenge... I was working solo with two cameras, so I would set up everything to roll and then I would run the length of a long, exterior corridor to hit all of my marks and sing from the balcony of a neighboring apartment... then I'd scurry back to the camera equipment to adjust lighting & focus, etc... then run the length of the hallway again... and again and again... and yeah ~ my neighbors thought me insane but I was having great fun and after several months of shooting & editing ~ I lost 275lbs...

JCOM: Describe the music scene in your area.

+Spanx: Dead... but improving ~ live music has an audience in South Florida but most of the large venues for homegrown talent have been closed down, replaced by coffeehouses and titty bars (seriously...) from South Beach to Palm Beach. Florida's nightlife is alive and vibrant but unlike Sixth Street in Austin, Texas... here it seems that most clubs would prefer a DJ to spin dance, house or Latin music 'cause the tourist industry in Miami caters greatly to visitors from the club scene over in Europe (or so I'm told...)
Also, there is greater demand for cover bands and less for singer/songwriters plugging original material... a younger Simon & Garfunkel might starve to death if they lived and performed solely in South Florida ~ so recently, I've been keeping the company of Chrystal Hartigan and other local, music promoters and songwriters who are attempting to revitalize the South Florida music scene once again... for more info, contact Chrystal on Facebook or @ MySpace ~ http://groups.myspace.com/floridasongwriters ~

JCOM: What has been the best venue to perform at and why?

+Spanx: Back in the day, my sound crew kNiption FiT frequently performed at The Button South, a popular nightclub and The Plus Five Lounge, a raucous pool hall... both had large, sprawling stages that could accommodate our theatrics with trampolines... those were always fun events ~ however, next week I will be playing at the Broward Center of the Performing Arts sans trampoline and that gig promises to be equally exciting...

JCOM: Elaborate a little about whom were your biggest influences in the music industry and why?

+Spanx: When I lived in Japan as a child, my mother would blast old phonographs of Herb Alpert & The Tijuana Brass... I also remember "Classical Gas" and "Baroque-A-Nova" by Mason Williams... both affecting me tremendously as it was great ear training to hear integral arrangements and full-blown orchestration at such an early stage... I learned all about harmony & counterpoint with simply listening to old worn-out 45's and The Beatles ~ Paul McCartney was a motherfucker... and so is Sting & The Police who raised the bar with "Every Little Thing She Does Is Magic" ~ I then graduated to Rush with the album Moving Pictures and later, I discovered Thomas Dolby floating on the "Airwaves" before realizing that Jimmy Jam & Terry Lewis are two of the best damn producers on the planet... also, Digital Underground gave me a much deeper appreciation of rap and its potential as a rhythmic conduit for sardonic, biting humor... "God Luv Ya, G. Dub'ya!" was inspired in part by Humpty Hump's keeping it real with da rhymes ~

JCOM: Let's talk about what you feel you will bring to the music industry?

+Spanx: Well, I've been told often, "There's nothing new under the sun..." ~ so I hope to bring back more of what is missing in commercial music today... inspired songs & noteworthy compositions which can lift the human spirit and further aspirations of future songwriters and music lovers ~

JCOM: If you had an opportunity to work with one artist or group, who would it be and why?

+Spanx: Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis of Flyte Tyme ~ producers for Janet Jackson and many other artists... their sound is flawless and they can make anything groove... with the utmost attention given to every detail & aspect of a recording ~ even the pitch of a back-beat snare is tuned to resonate harmonically for maximum, absolute funk appeal... "Control" by Janet Jackson is pure, non-stop groove 'cause Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis have the Midas touch ~

JCOM: How would you describe your music to others?

+Spanx: I'd say it's thought-provoking... most people don't expect what they hear when first giving a listen ~ so, they are often surprised by the versatility of the songs and the many varied styles of production... but more notably, my vocals always throw 'em ~ nobody expects "the little mouse who roared" to appear suddenly during that first chorus of "Blithe's Theme" ~ nor do they ever expect me to rap or sing barbershop harmonies in an original folk song. While touring France, I was frequently mistaken for a jazz musician with the offerings from my demo ~ so I might endeavor to say it is melodic, sophisticated and somewhat provocative...

JCOM: What type of feedback have you received from fans about your music?

+Spanx: Some have suggested it is well-suited for movie soundtracks
and feminine hygiene commercials... often, I receive compliments for studio production and my vocals but the most flattering remarks are from peers and experienced, older musicians who have been heard to exclaim, "¡Ay, coño..!" when reflecting on my demos, "How did you do that..?" which is usually followed by comments like, "There it is... that thing you always do..." and the ever-popular, "Aww, shit..." as if to suggest that I too could be a motherfucker ~

JCOM: Where can fans locate you at online?

+Spanx: You can discover more of the really good stuff @ www.SpanxT.com which links to myspace.com/SpanxT and to www.sonicbids.com/SpanxT ~ and my other pet projects can be unearthed @ myspace.com/StarlandGopherBand ~

JCOM: What can fans expect from you in the next five years?

+Spanx: More music and more videos... we recently flew to Nashville and worked with Neil Ebanks on an album of island music and folk songs. Last year, my brother and I became songwriting partners for this venture which may prove to be quite fun and lucrative... also, I recently partnered-up with an old bandmate to invent scary/cool compositions for a new animation & film production company ~ so, we should be rather busy producing soundtracks to accompany a glut of other music & styles that I may also explore in the near future...

JCOM: Time for some shout outs to your family, friends, and fans…

+Spanx: My greatest love to Teresa Lane for sustaining me with lessons about life, the universe and true happiness... and my father, Vernon Urquhart who has given me "Many Reasons" to always say thank you ~ as does my partner, Hamada for the opportunities that may come with his building my new Frankenstein computer ~ thanks, pal... and 'big-ups' to all of my kFriends & kFans around the globe ~ sorry for not writing back sooner..!
Also ~ to my brother, Guy Urquhart who nearly left us for greener pastures more than two years ago... thanks for coming back to bless our lives once more with newfound strength, wisdom and humor ~ you're the best big bre'dah, man...

JCOM: Final words…

+Spanx: "It is what you do that defines who you are..." - Rachel Dawes / Batman Begins

"To be or not to be ~ that is the question..." - Shakespeare

"To do is to be..." - Aristotle

"Do be do be doo..." - Sinatra
- Junior's Cave Online Magazine


kNiption FiT - 92
Three Roads To Rome - 95
Have You Seen Her..? - '00
The Wake Of Her Yesterday - '04
God Luv Ya, G. Dub'ya..! - '07

Listen to +Spanx interview on AM Ocala Live ~ http://amocalalive.libsyn.com
and look for +Spanx new animated video "The Chanukah Bop" on youTube.com/watch?v=o-02MDv0hPU



As a timid, soft spoken child, no one imagined that his future interests would include songwriting and stage performance. While attending schools in The West Indies, Japan and various parts of the states, exotic locales like Okinawa and Jamaica helped to shape +Spanx cosmopolitan worldview with love for different cultures and music.
The eldest of three talented siblings, his father remembers the infant +Spanx (too young yet to speak) humming in perfect tune The National Anthem while being coddled during its repeated performance at a theater.
As +Spanx showed great promise, his parents later encouraged him to study the cornet which led to a discovery of numerous instruments. He became proficient on electric bass while performing with Top 40, retro-pop and classic rock groups, also developing a versatile yet powerful vocal that ranges from ballads & barbershop to hip-hop and hard rock... measured experiences which led to +Spanx fronting the Miami-based trio kNiption FiT, an enigmatic power-pop band best described as "The Monkees meet Rush..."
+Spanx brainchild evolved over several years as he experimented with many styles and talented musicians, even backing legendary performers like The Ink Spots and The Platters. kNiption FiT released a self-titled LP followed by another self-released EP of lesser acclaim, although the group had tremendous local success (grand prize\Battle Of The Bands) and a fan base extending far beyond South Florida's music scene... visit a newly developed site @ ReverbNation.com/kNiptionFiT
With desire for more experience, +Spanx dissolved kNiption FiT to focus on a few select projects. After a brief stint with starring roles in a local theater company, he was invited to record a solo effort in Europe with Joseph LaRossi, a prominent Swedish producer based in Stockholm. Following a series of song collaborations and performances with his return to the USA, +Spanx won Best Adult Contemporary in an international songwriting contest with a guitar ballad "I Pray (It's A Mistake)"
More recently, +Spanx has been commissioned to write the soundtrack for a new educational children's program titled "Dollar Ben" ~ also, his hilarious political spoof "God Luv Ya, G. Dub'ya!" has received awards and attention on talk radio and morning shows in several countries. Alan Roy Scott, co-founder of Unisong International Song Competition wrote, "I was literally on the floor... in fact, the highest compliment I can offer as a veteran songwriter is to say how jealous I am... I wish I'd written this myself..."