Atlanta, Georgia, USA

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"Fronted by Chase Ewing’s clear, vibrant voice and highly visual stage presence combines with a group of extremely talented musicians in a style that bridges the melodic and powerful tones of rock with just enough of the lyrical groove and modern sound of hip hop to create an enchanting, irresistible style that audiences immediately respond to. Will Martin works the guitar like a fine artist painting a colorful, awe-inspiring masterpiece. Martin successfully transitions between rhythm and lead and always seems to find the right combination of chords and riffs to bend the music into a perfect blend together with his brother Ben Martin, a rock solid, kick-butt, take no prisoners type of drummer. Reed Gott on bass guitar, who’s colorful, animated stage presence and accomplished playing style treats fans to a barrage of visual and auditory delights, mesmerizes its audience." ~Steven Castle, Sr Editor,


Debut Album "NO MORE" available on iTunes, in stores,, and anywhere digital music is sold!


Set List

SPAREchange delivers a great one hour set, and can break this down into several shorter sets.