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Spare Me Poseidon


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2011 - "Thrown in the Tides EP"
1. Storming the Beaches
2. Saturated
3. Deformation to all things
4. Diamonds on the Neck of Evil

2012 - "Prospects"
1. Passage
2. From Ashes
3. Overcoming the Storm
4. Deformation
5. Plagued (ft. Shanon Hawk of Navigator)
6. Call to Arms
7. The Kingdom
8. The End of Us



Spare Me Poseidon is a new chapter for many. With roots dating back to 2003, Chad and Paul were intrigued to start a band that motivated and revived the local scene. The two branched out in search of three additional members to complete their project. Their goal, writing fast, melodic music, while helping to maintain a sense of motivation.

Their first addition was Adam, a long lost Viking roaming the earth building fences wherever he saw fit. He had been friends with Chad and Paul before hand, and mentioned how he used to play in a few bands back in Maryland. The three jammed together and decided it was time to find a second guitarist.

Enter Tyler, the young ax wielding mastermind. "When I first met Tyler I thought, man this kid is waaaay too young. There is no way this will work out... Then he plugged in, and I put my foot directly into my mouth." Chad said. Watching him at work is very impressive. The band then continued to write music and search for a frontman.

Searching for a vocalist became very troublesome for the four. The band went through a four month hiatus while scrubbing the depths of the music scene for their next frontman. Little did they know, he was right under their nose. literally.

Tyler Pasola stepped down from guitar and decided to give vocals a shot. With an extremely impressive pre-production recording the rest of the guys decided that Tyler was exactly what they needed. How does a 5'5'' miniature replica of Conan O'brien sound like that!?

The search then turned back to searching for a guitarist. with endless possibilities in the local area the solution was seemless with Tyler Mikita. He was a super cool dude, had talent, AND had a job and car. simply a shoe-in.

Things began going well for the guys. Big shows landed in their laps after continued support from the local scene. SMP is known for drawing a good crowd, and the venues reward them for it.

This began to put stress on original drummer Paul. After a few weeks of discussion, SMP and Paul decided to part ways.

Once again SMP was on the lookout for another member. Enter Jared Dines of They Charge Like Warriors. Known by many as the major producer for local metal and rock bands in the pacific northwest, Jared has talent on nearly every instrument. After some discussion, Jared jumped on a drum kit and picked up right where Paul had left off. The fit was perfect.

The five guys now look ahead at a bright future with plans of touring and helping to support their brothers in the local music scene. Look for great things to come from SMP.