"Pick up on Spargo's Friends in the Army and pat yourself on the back for the next 5 years knowing you were there then..." Clem Bastowe, Inpress Magazine


Spargo is Melbourne singer-songwriter Lachlan Bryan and his band of
wide-eyed alt-country troubadours. In less than two years Spargo has
completed two laps of the world, played over one-hundred shows, sold
a few thousand cds at gigs and released a critically-praised EP.

Lately Spargo's tunes have found their way onto radio, including
Australia's Triple J, and various incarnations of the BBC in the UK.

Spargo's songs have a strong story-telling element, and display a
ragged fragility and sense of romance - probably a result of a love
of traditional Irish, American and Australian song-writing. Occasionally
raucous choruses are interweaved gently poetic ditties to create a
genuine sense of light and shade. The lyrics are direct but twisted, the
themes are anything but earnest or self-serving.

Spargo's debut album, The Ballad of a Young Married Man (and other
cautionary tales) is due for release in April 2008.


The Friends in the Army EP, MGM 2006
released on Itunes as The Sunday Morning EP

Also, and less officially:

Spargo UK Tour Edition LP 2006
People Like You (Live EP) 2005
Spargo (self-titled EP) 2005