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Sydney, New South Wales, Australia | INDIE

Sydney, New South Wales, Australia | INDIE
Band Alternative Pop


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Sydney’s Sparkadia are always a breath of fresh air, with breezy, melodic and accessible pop songs that float around the noise of The Zoo just perfectly. ‘Morning Light’ is unashamedly pop-tastic and leaves this reviewer humming. Clearly destined for bloated radio-exposure, could these guys be Oz’s next big Eskimo Joe success story? - TIME OFF (BRISBANE)

I love the gut feeling you get when you find your new favourite band, and Sparkadia deliver just that. They offer a flawless set of indie-pop, mixing elements of Death Cab-esque song writing with the sky-high soaring vocals of The Doves. Their harmonies blend seamlessly as frontman AB sings tales of burdening heartbreak (and the hope that emerges after). Set highlights include Follow The Sun and current radio single Morning Light, which is performed just as impressively as the numerous new tracks from their upcoming debut long-player. The audience is completely captivated with this band and as the final chords of their set ring out, I head quickly to the back to ensure a copy of their EP Things Behind the Sun has a place in my stereo at home. - RAVE (BRISBANE)

The Sydney-siders weave beautifully-crafted melodies into atmospheric soundscapes, with lead singer Alex's harmonies topping off an all-round perfect style of dreamy guitar pop. Think The Smiths meets Mercury Rev. Almost. Well, you be the judge. No matter which way you look at it, this band is one of Australia's finest. By the set's end, they had the crowd in the palm of their collective hand, and no doubt converted many of the audience into fans judging by the reactions of many within the swollen mass of punters that had packed into the venue and compacted together in front of the stage. - FASTERLOUDER.COM.AU (BRISBANE):

I had one of those happy accidents a few weeks ago. Wandering early into a certain inner-west band venue of renown, I was smilingly dumbstruck as Sparkadia played. We find that they've already got overseas interest and ambitions and that is merely justice for they play pop music with a shiny assurance and some subtlety. A rare balance. It jangles, buzzes and rattles as necessary, and Alex Burnett has a voice of detachment and feeling that sits perfectly among the noise. Someone said the difference between fan and critic is that critics get the records for free. I would have paid for this. - The Drum Media Sydney

Nostalgic pop basks in golden sunbeams.

Starting off with an instrumental track to put you in the mood, Sydney three-piece Sparkadia delve into golden retro sounds on their Things Behind The Sun EP. Borrowing a concert band's drums and tambourine, the melodious and sensitive Sparkadia boys have composed songs that are excellent for practicing vocal harmonies too. The radio single, Morning Light, is a gem that breaks into a snappy drums, guitar and on-the-beat sing-along chorus. The song may give you goose bumps while listening through earphones, thanks to some excellent diction on the word light. Last Thing You Need is slower and sombre, in a quiet kind of way, its chorus also inviting listener participation. The closing track is upbeat but more of a background tune than anything else, though it highlights the record's playful use of production. Things Behind The Sun is non-commercial nostalgia that will leave a smile on the face of those christened by indie pop.
- RACHAEL LANGFORD - Rave Magazine

Sydney band Sparkadia make sunny pop with jangling guitars and sensitive vocals, but they don't sound as if they've rehearsed in each other's kitchens. They sound as if they've honed their music in a studio, creating a euphony that swells and leaves the speakers. In among the reverb, Devil In Me closes the EP like Simon and Garfunkel's famed concert in Central Park.

-Eric Jensen - Sydney Morning Herald

Sparkadia (nee the Spark) deliver their debut EP in hand-numbered form, mine being #157 of an ambitious, but not outlandish. 1000. You see, the hand-numbered distribution is to ensure that each recipient feels lucky in their purchace, containing a document of a band heading places. Headed where? Straight to Nova-FM is my guess. Straying slightly from an obvious Police influence, Sparkadia have found a more definitive space over their recent gestation period, a place that is as determined as it is heart-on-a-sleeve. The band writes pop songs made for 'The O.C.', or perhaps some more matured counterpart (Heroes?), and in doing so pave the way for a crossover from indie to mainsteam intentionally.

They're perhaps the quintessential Sydney band in that respect. , articulating what many other are thinking, leaving out the post-punk rhythems and angular guitar lines so the message isn't ambiguous. Playing the game of insipid pop, Sparkadia are aware of the huge market awaiting them - and that's no insult. This band will be big. They'll be the ones with the songs on the radio that will stalk you. You'll hate them. And the impending Australian success story will be no accident - could Sparkadia be this country's first "alternative" pop heavyweight of the century?

by Eliza Sarlos - Mess And Noise

Sydney pop trio Sparkadia have a sound that falls somewhere between The Police and Paul Young, and with their debut album to be recorded mid-year in England, this EP (their debut) is a fine example of things to come. Straying away from the angular, indie guitar sound most of you would probably expect from a Sydney band, songs such as current Triple J favourite 'Morning Light' are catchy pop tunes without a hint of pretension or coolness-for-the-sake-of-coolness. Sparkadia let the songs speak for themselves; and the whole EP has a dreamy quality, whether it be the 80's pop groove of 'Follow The Sun' or the psychedelic 'Devil In Me'. (DCR) - Time Off Magazine Brisbane

The Troubadour gently fills as we wait and wait for Sparkadia to kick off the night. But where the delay might be a drag at other venues, the warm lighting and welcoming ambience of the Troub is an ideal opportunity to sit, drink and chat to friends.

When Sparkadia appear they fill the venue with mellow, lo-fi sounds. Perhaps best represented by the dreamy, psychedilia-tinged 'Follow The Sun', the golden-hued tones of the foursome produce are perfectly suited to the venue, and the crowd delights in gentle offerings that are driven by frontman's AB's remarkable voice. Interspersed throughout are perkier numbers such as 'Animals' and the simple, yet extremely catchy and bass-driven 'Help Yoursef'. By the time they close out with jaunty Triple J hit 'Morning Light', we're well warmed for main act. -

Sparkadia warm the Tivoli's storm-sodden crowd with the sunny rays of their infectios pop-rock, acting as the perfect opener to tonights festivities. Remaining relatively static throughout the performance, singer/guitarist AB (aka Alex), drummer Dave Hall and bassist Rabone are still utterly charming, their music carrying enough personality alone to have your toes tapping and hips wiggling. Playing tracks from their new EP, Things Behind The Sun, Sparkadia round off their set with the catchy optimism of Morning Light. - Time Off Magazine Brisbane


Talking Like I'm Falling Down Stairs (single) 2010
Postcards (album) 2008
Too Much To Do (EP) 2008
Animals (UK single) November 2007
Things Behind The Sun EP 2007



The appropriately dubbed 'sophisticated and bold pop band' Sparkadia is today the product of singer/songwriter Alex Burnett's collective life experience put to tape.

Music rang through the courses of the Burnett family and at an early age Alex was mentored by his musical producer uncle, Ben Gannon, who had moved to London in the early 70’s to work on Hair, the Rocky Horror Show and other productions.

In his own time Alex discovered the joys of modern pop writing through The Police, The Church, and Prince, and upon finding a kindred soul in Dave Hall, began making his own music in earnest.

One early example of Alex's music was snapped up by Sydney radio station FBi and pushed so fervently that before to much time had passed Alex had found himself in the company of likeminded musicians and had formed the early incarnation of Sparkadia.

The reaction was immediate. The fledgling band was adopted by the inner city music scenesters and the following year was a blur of pub gigs and late night house parties.

A year of writing followed that during which a serendipitous meeting with Jamie Davis resulted in Sparkadia signing to his London based label Ark Recordings.

In 2007 Sparkadia released a collection of demos as an EP to an incredible response. The single lifted from it, Morning Light, received tremendous support at radio via national broadcaster Triple J and 32,000 listeners downloaded the song - the most downloaded track ever off the Triple J site.

“catchy pop tunes without a hint of pretension or coolness-for-the-sake-of-coolness. Sparkadia let the songs speak for themselves.” Time Off

“Devil In Me closes the EP like Simon and Garfunkel’s famed concert in Central Park. 4 stars”
Sydney Morning Herald.

“Someone said the difference between fan and critic is that critics get the records for free. I would have paid for this”. The Drum Media

Following the EP’s release, Sparkadia travelled to London and recorded their debut album with super producer Ben Hillier. The result is Postcards. A collection of the finest pop writing to emerge from Australia in years recorded and produced by a band on the rise with a sense of urgency and importance. If the EP and live reviews can be believed, the album is a smash in waiting!

“This band will be big… the impending Australian success story will be no accident – could Sparkadia be this country’s first “alternative” pop heavyweight of the century?” Mess and Noise

The aftermath of the Postcards album saw Alex move temporarily to London where he continues to write songs. The newest of which is 2010's follow up single "Talking Like Im Falling Down Stairs" which is currently enjoying an extensive run at the top of the Triple J Radio charts and priming the band for their upcoming national tour of Australia alongside indie starlets Little Red.