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Vanity Loves Company (to be released September 2006) - Born Again Pop Records


Feeling a bit camera shy


"Our ears have become unjustifiably numb with the uprising of the popularity of blonde disposable Hollywood pre-fab performers. There is an artist whose mission it is to avert catastrophe, and restore audio sensation in our ears, and into our lives, her name is Sparkle Darling! This six foot tall, platinum blonde, self proclaimed female-female impersonator, and DIY enthusiast uses her appearance as a performance strategy rather than a superficial marketing device. Instead of creating stereotypes with her musical routine she uses it to manipulate the audience in order to confront societal issues in an upbeat playfully aggressive manner.
Sparkle Darling's performances create a perpetual climax of excitement arousing crowds to rock out to her booty shakin' electronic beats. You don't want to miss her song "The Boys Club", about the sexual objectivity of female artists in a male dominated Art World. It's the only time you'll hear some one artfully rhyme "Lacan" with "get it on" and "semiotics" with "erotic". This Glamazon uses props, wigs, toys, extremely elaborate handmade costumes, and her occasional drag king back up dancers in her act. Being a blonde is a mere accessory to her overall performance
Sparkle Darling! is Hayley (norse for “Female Hero”) Blatte, born 1986 in Manhattan, the Suzuki-trained violinist commenced her career as a performer in 1991 at Carnegie Hall in New York City. As her musical ear developed, she quickly adapted instruments such as the piano, guitar, synthesizer, and bass. She began to produce music and play in various all-girl bands in Manhattan throughout her teenaged years. Despite the short lifespan of the bands themselves, Sparkle Darling’s passion for music remained strong, propelling her further into the industry to pursue a more independent career.
Sparkle Darling!’s work, an eclectic blend of both musical styles and social academia, pays homage to the place where she grew up while simultaneously addressing issues of contemporary politics. In her music one can hear the flamboyant expression of the queens of Chelsea, the squatter kids of the Lower East Side Punk Scene, the Midtown MTV Pop explosion, DIY Riot Grrrl ethics, and the youthful vibrance of revolution and social change. Sparkle Darling! seizes the cosmopolitan energy of the New York City streets and uses it to set the tone for greater self-expression.
Though she has been trained in, and is passionate about, other mediums of expression such as fashion design, metallurgy, printmaking, and painting, Sparkle Darling, a performance artist at heart, uses music as her integral mode of self-expression. The recognition of her multi-faceted artistic abilities led her to win a Governer’s Achievement Award, resulting in one of her sculptures being inducted into the Albright-Knox’s permanent collection in Buffalo, NY in 2002.
After having spent some time abroad in Australia in 2003, the artist returned to Manhattan and interned at New York’s legendary Knitting Factory doing graphic design work and promotion. Since then, the artist has moved out to California to earn her Bachelor’s Degree at California Arts Institute.
Sparkle Darling! has since participated in many productions as a solo artist, exhibiting installation work, video work, performance art and sculpture. She has also worked collaboratively as a costume designer and performer in productions on a larger scale, such as “The Born Again Pop Variety Show”, which is currently being pitched to networks here in the United States. As she continues to write and produce her own lyrics and music, Sparkle Darling's! height of is dwarfed only by the fierce sense of humor found in her music in tandem with her politically witty lyrics, personally designed costumes and elaborate performances. Addressing issues of gender and sexuality, race, religion, and the media. Her music, distinctly empowering, combined with her up-tempo electronic beats introduces a fresh vibe and exciting perspective unto the stoic hipster scene, encouraging all to come to their senses, be proactive, and “act up” both politically as well as on the dance floor. Sparkle Darling! is currently working on her first album, expected to be released by September,2006. " - Legacy Russell