Spark N Cinder band

Spark N Cinder band

 Chico, California, USA

we are a dance band from Chico, Ca., who have been together for 30 years.we play a mix of rock, reggae, funk, latin and soca rhythms. we have played in saloon, at festivals and concerts all around the USA., we are sure to get the crowd up and dancing at any event.


Jimmy and I [jerry morano] came to California from Jersey City, NJ to start to band we met some west coast musicians out in Chico,Ca. and started the Spark n Cinder band. we've had over 30 members in our 30 years as a band in the northern Sacramento valley. we've played hundreds of shows thru the years and know over 200 tunes on our set list. we've played throughout the USA, but have always come back to our new home in Califorina. we were moved by Bob Marley's music and play some reggae. funk, soul and latin music we grew to love thru our Jersey roots. we have opened from such artist as Bob Dylan, Taj Mahal, Steel Pulse and David Lindley. we play with soul and a passion for the music because after doing it for 30+ years, we're not in it for the fame and fortune. we do it to make great music together.


we have a vinyl lp that we made back in the mid-80's called Spark n Cinder. we have made two cd's. the first is called the east west Spark n Cinder Band, and the second is named Eleven.

Set List

we wil play sets that are about 2 hours in length. 80% orginal songs written by our Drummer,Jimmy Fay. we do covers by The Neville Bros. like Big Chief, a reggae by Marley like Stir it up, abd some RnB like Monkey time by Curtis Mayfield