Sparkola was formed when vocalist/guitarist Steve Powers, looking for a vehicle for his material, got a demo into the hands of former Splashdown member Adam Buhler. Though the original intent was for Steve to have a solo project on Castle von Buhler Records with Adam producing, when Splashdown (Capitol) split up, the stage was set for Adam, along with Splashdown drummer Jason Sakos, to form the three-piece Sparkola. They recorded a CD, which received terrific reviews (see left). After recording and producing Sparkola’s second EP, Adam left Sparkola to focus on his own solo projects. Fortunately, a new bass player, Nick DeSantis, formerly of The Pincushions and a fan of Sparkola’s, fit smoothly into the Sparkola lineup. In 2004, Andrew Kuhn, former lead guitarist of the Irresponsibles, joined the band, infusing a fresh jolt of energy and sound with his superior guitar prowess.

Sparkola's music is a melding of classic rock with modern rock, the band’s influences include various artists from the ‘70s ‘80s and 90's such as Led Zeppelin, the Beatles, Cheap Trick and Motown. By introducing some edgier, more futuristic elements into the mix, Sparkola created an instrumentation that ranges from subtle electronics to full-on old school drum bashing. It is Steve’s warm, raspy vocals that form the center of their tightly crafted songs.

The band has a deep Boston music heritage. Steve has performed and recorded with Countess (CvB), Plank and Wicked Sun. Jason has performed with Splashdown (Capitol), Countess (CvB), Francine (Q Division), and he continues to perform with The Gladstones and other local groups. Nick was in The Pincushions and he also performs in the band Insider. Andrew performed with the Irresponsibles for several years before joining Sparkola.


Sparkola, Handclaps & Slapbacks