Sparkplug Assassins

Sparkplug Assassins

 Chicago, Illinois, USA

Sparkplug Assassins made their debut in 2008 releasing original music. They also perform tons of covers spanning from the 70's to current from all sorts of artists like: The Foo Fighters, Staind, The Bronx, 3 Doors Down, Breaking Benjamin. THEIR LATEST ALBUM 'FALLING FOREVER' IS SET FOR A SPRING 2013 RELEASE!

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Black Box

Written By: Dave McCormick

Black Box

I just don't feel anymore
too numb from all of the horror
you broke your promises
I'm on my back again
you left me out in the cold.

take it away
make it all just fade away
I can't be saved
bury my secrets in this grave.
you just don't feel anymore.
to you it's all just a bore.
I made you love again
But it was just pretend
Now I am worse than before.
You waited alone for everything to come undone
now that your gone I’ll be the one who carries on.

Broken Hourglass

Written By: Dave McCormick

broken hourglass

we're wanted dead or alive..
it's scary.. hard to survive.
you'll notice this is a time..
when goodness is for the blind..

all you wanted was to terrify our minds..
no more will we run away and live your lies.

don't know it, but in this life
we're learning until we die..
the darkness creeps into the light
it won't change so we must fight..

all you wanted all along was somewhere to call your own broken hourglass of time is running out and losing light..
( pre chorus X 2)
losing light...


Written By: Dave McCormick

you can't destroy everything you disdain
it only causes more pain
take away all of those things that you hate
and what are you left with?
scars remain but are meant to heal the pain
I can see through your foolish masquerade
I cant believe all the lies
you concieve
Energy wasted away

Falling forever your stuck in this scene
a tortured soul..
I don’t believe anything that you say
when you tell me that hate isn't something you crave
yet you are still here and I smell your disdain


Written By: Dave McCormick


1. When it tortures I isolate
Can't consume it violates
Tear me down..disinegrate
But I've detached, can't feel anything
(whoooo oh oh x2)
2. No more suffering from this place
I refuse to feel disgrace
The damage done I can't escape
This is all that's left for me..

When you get too close to me.. I insulate Try to manipulate but I choose to insulate Push to hard at me And I may detonate The pain I will always emulate.

When you get too close to me.. I insulate Try to manipulate but I choose to insulate Push to hard at me And I may detonate The pain I will always emulate.

Into Oblivion

Written By: Dave McCormick

Into Oblivion
1. Never wanted you to go only wanted you to know
How your killing me and I need saving.
Always watching as you cry never knowing it’s a lie
Gotta breakaway your suffocating

Here I go again without a reason,
never knowing what I might reveal
Tear away won’t stop the change of season
Here I go Into Oblivion

2. Now I’m watching as you go, everyday but now it’s old
All the memories have died and faded
All your wanting me to feel, is a pain that’s so unreal
But all I know is your just numb and jaded


Written By: Dave McCormick

1. You came into my world and caged me with your words
and I will never be set free.
I wanted you to bend cuz I could not pretend
that this is where I want to be.

I don’t care Institutionalize me
Doesn’t really make me wanna change my tone
Cuz you’ll be the first to go
And I won’t leave until the damage is complete
You took away everything that made me whole
Cuz you are Lower than low.

2. I formed an alibi, Cuz I don’t wanna die
but you will never leave me be.
I see it in your eyes the truth is not alive
and hate is all that I can see.

Chorus 2:
And I don’t care institutionalize me
doesn’t really make wanna change my tone
cuz you are Lower than Low
and if you try and runaway from me
there will be no one and nowhere to go
when you are Lower than Low.


The End is Here

Written By: Dave McCormick

The End is here

Burning cities they slowly fade away
One by one they will all disinigrate
Feel the cinders forever burning me,
I cannot runaway its taking me.
These are visions that I cannot escape
In a world too blind to change it’s fate
Locked inside this coffin we must wait
one day soon will come our earthen grave.

Don't look now...the end is here
Don't look down..the truth is feared

There’s a sacrifice that we must make
If we have our fun there’s a price we pay
Tortured souls are here and here to stay
Forcing all of you to look away
One day all will cry but won’t be saved
Left to die alone in shallow graves..
One by one we will fall until the day
Forcing all of you….

Don't look now...the end is here
Don't look now...the truth is feared
Don't look now...the end is here
Don't look now...the truth is feared


Sparkplug Assassins-2009 self titled debut
Sparkplug Assassins-For All Intents and Purposes 2011
Sparkplug Assassins-falling Forever 2013