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The best kept secret in music



Jalopy Pop…pure pop brilliance...illustrates again Padar's ability to conjure up the essence of a sweet pop tune and mould it into something that's sparkling to the eye and sweet to the ear. Padar is wired for pop! -Patrick Emery BEAT MAGAZINE (AUSTRALIA) February 2005
Sparkwood have put out one of the greatest pop albums in 2005. Filled with fantastic melody and gracious sound production. COOKIE SCENE MAGAZINE (JAPAN) Vol. 42 April 2005
You just feel like relaxing and listening to their sunny compositions. Moreover, Bart Padar's magnificent voice gives the band this special touch that very few groups can be proud of. - Dorian LIABILITY (FRANCE) February 2005
…has that special something additional that makes you remember them over time. Talent like that of Padar must be defended and promoted. …psychedelic pop influenced by the glorious late 60’s Beach Boys. –Samuele Boschelli ROCKLAB (ITALY) March 2005
They have created their own sound and it’s lovely! Timbre of guitar, unique sound effects and retro atmosphere bring back memories of ELO and 10CC with bits of Jellyfish and Klaatu. STRANGE DAYS MAGAZINE (JAPAN) No. 68 April 2005
- Japan, Australia, Italy, France


…''Miles Away', 'Past Experience', Wishing You Well' and 'Where She Ought To Be' all push the right power pop buttons. The whole album pays dividends on repeated play. –Paul Martin SHINDIG MAGAZINE (UK) March 2005
Each track is a potential hit with the capacity to reel in any Beatles, Weezer, Silver Sun or even Kaiser Chiefs fan. Captivating, melodic and ever so sweet with not a single bitter moment throughout the album! - Simon Glacken LEEDS MUSIC SCENE (UK) March 2005
Bart Padar is a talented enough song writer and musician to avoid mere homage to other acts, and the thirteen songs on offer here have enough character of their own to pass muster! – David Wilkinson AMERICAN-UK (UK) March 2005
...this engaging set boasts a punchy home-production and tangible sense of fun across its fifteen tracks. “Ramie”, with its suspiciously breezy account of death by road-accident, has an infectious optimism which infiltrates much on offer here, the jaunty interlude of “Cockroach Stomp” and the crunch of “Marianne”welcome asides for those uncomfortable among an abundance of sickly sweet melodies. - Matt Dornan Comes With A Smile (LONDON) #7 - Spring 2001 - UK

"The Indies are lovin' Jalopy Pop!"

This sophmore release took me by complete surprise! While their debut, La La Crutch impressed, this one blindsided me, most thankfully…. All the songs surge with rushing melodic grooviness that grip at every turn. Let it wash over you.....Extremely Highly Recommended! - Bruce Brodeen NOTLAME RECORDINGS February 2005
This is one fantastic cd full of stellar production: Mellotrons, pianos, guitars, synths, killer harmonies , and more. There is a nice balance of rock and pop sounds and that are never too twee or boring. On my personal list of top 10 cds for the year! Grade A Get it! -Jeremy Morris JAM RECORDS March 2005
- Jam Records / Notlame Recordings


Sparkly, poppy songs abound on Sparkwood's Jalopy Pop! There's just a ton to love here. Upbeat and swirling, Sparkwood is sure to be a treat for ELO and Jellyfish fans. –WHITSBRAIN RADIO February 2005
2005's Jalopy Pop is a nice disk that shows off the bands knack for sweet melodies and a love for Jellyfish, Queen and ELO. Excellent from start to finish, this standout track (“Nichole’s Overture”) shows off the band at peak form.
-Jay Anderson POPBANG February 2005
- Whitsbrain & Popbang Radio

"Endlessly Fascinating!"

Sparkwood has made a superb sophomore disc.…smooth and insinuating pop songs that put Sparkwood in league with artists like Fountains Of Wayne, Cherry Twister and The Davenports. - Mike Bennett FUFKIN March 2005
…impossibly crafted pop nuggets will send power pop fanatics and melody freaks spinning circles of glee. Jalopy Pop is crammed with ebullient sonic flourishes that lift the record from merely accomplished and attractive to endlessly fascinating. -Luke Torn POP CULTURE PRESS Spring/Summer 2005 - Fufkin & Pop Culture Press

"Gives Me The Chills!!"

I’ve listened to this album all the way through at least six times, and I first heard it yesterday. …gives me the chills every time I hear it. Stop everything you’re doing and buy this album RIGHT NOW! -Mark Pittman BEING THERE MAGAZINE February 2005
I will say I am totally impressed with their latest album, Jalopy Pop. The production is big and lush, while the vocals are bright and soaring. Full-bodied melodies sit side by side with intricate arrangements. The guitars crackle with color and light, matched by rows of majestic keyboard work. –Beverly Paterson TWIST AND SHAKE MAGAZINE February 2005 - Being There & Twist and Shake


2005- Jalopy Pop
2004- In Black and White & In Color (EP)
2002- Sparkwood Christmas (Single)
2001- La La Crutch


Feeling a bit camera shy


Sparkwood is an Austin-based power pop band. Centered around the songwriting of vocalist and keyboardist Bart Padar, the band crafts elegant and dynamic musical arrangements ornamented by lush vocal harmonies. Critics have compared Sparkwood’s sound to musical luminaries such as Jellyfish, Queen, Cheap Trick and Velvet Crush. The band plays frequently in and around the Austin area at venues including the Continental Club, Hole in the Wall and Trophy’s among others. In 2001, Sparkwood released The La La Crutch to critical accolades, in May 2004 the e.p. In Black & White and In Color and February 2005 released a second full-length CD Jalopy Pop!!! Jalopy Pop has already earned many stellar reviews in magazines around the globe, not to mention continual airplay on Radio Programs such as Popbang, Whitsbrain, Snap Crackle Pop, IndiePop (Italy), Pop Dreams (France), and many more! Sparkwood’s 2004 video for the song “Miles Away” received heavy rotation on the Austin Music Network throughout the year and earned the video’s director and editor Neal Hieatt an award for best editing in a music video. Sparkwood is currently working on pre-production demos for a summer 2005 e.p. and a forthcoming third CD, planned for release in early 2006. Sparkwood features the exceptional talents of former Sleepwalkers drummer Mike Reynolds (who has also worked with local legend Ron Flynt of 20/20). On bass is Sean Crooks of Austin rockers The Alice Rose. Former Three Years Ghost guitarist Mark Doroba rounds out the line-up. Mark has also performed locally in Do It Now Foundation, Dead Quiet and Starcross’d.